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Colorado River polluted since 1969 by nuclear explosion fracturing experiments

Ken Raskin 31 Aug 18  They detonated 5 nuclear bombs under parachute Colorado and Rangley. Not so far from Aspen Colorado. The radionuclides have been pouring  into the headwaters of the Colorado river and Colorado for years. Rangely and  Parachute have 15 times normal average for cancer.

Following the Project Gasbuggy test, two subsequent nuclear explosion fracturing experiments, 5   nuclear bombs total, were conducted in western Colorado in an effort to refine the technique. They were Project Rulison in 1969 and Project Rio Blanco in 1973. In both cases the gas radioactivity was still seen as too high and in the last case the triple-blast rubble chimney structures disappointed the design engineers. Soon after that test the ~ 15-year Project Plowshare program funding dried up. The underground aquifer and gas still radioactive

These early fracturing tests were later superseded by hydraulic fracturing technologies.

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