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#TEPCO throwing money to the wind! FOR #NUCLEAR


Tokyo electric power is responsible for the nuclear power accident and can’t afford to support Japan Nuclear power costs

“Tokai ( 1 minutes )” (1 minutes 40 seconds) Video

[NHK] a shareholder of Tokyo Electric Power Co Ltd. has given the intention to support the cost of safety measures in Japan’s nuclear power plant, for the re-operation of tokai second nuclear power plant. I have appealed to the court for a provisional disposition.

In Ibaraki Prefecture, tokai THE second nuclear power plant is in fact, on the 4th of this month, to be reviewed by the Government, and Tokyo Electric Power Co Ltd. Will Support 1,740 billion yen for safety measures. It shows the intention.

As for this, 3 shareholders of Tokyo electric power were not able to expect to recover from the management of Japan’s original [phone], and tepco was a connected to the nuclear power accident and could not afford to support Japan. I appealed to Tokyo District Court for the president and Vice President of Tokyo electric power to give up their support.

Hiroyuki Kawai, who served as an agent of a shareholder who had filed a meeting, was damaged by the tokai second nuclear power plant, and the central part of the capital area and the center of the country were damaged. I have criticized the support of Tokyo electric power, and it is an act of throwing money away. ‘

Source Japanese only

Other info about TEPCO

TEPCO Energy Partner to offer up to 8% cheaper gas rate from July …

Where is TEPCOs billions?

what about the victims compensation?


People who evacuated from Fukushima Prefecture have not only been exposed to radiation, but to prejudice and misunderstanding regarding compensation that they may or may not have received. The truth about Fukushima nuclear disaster compensation March 2017

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