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Foreign construction of nuclear power plants could ruin Russia

Nuclear power station, Sergei Kirienko in foreign countries are financed by russiansociety “peaceful atom” victoriously marching across the planet, capturing investment in new areas. And to payfor it to have ordinary Russians. What do experts think about this? How soon will “explode”?…

Expensive toys Sergei Kiriyenko

Author – Nadezhda Popova

The Russian “peaceful atom” victoriously marching across the planet, capturing investment in new areas. In addition to the European countries – Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria, Atomstroyexport comfortably in the Islamic Republic of Iran has announced the construction of the second unit of the Bushehr NPP. The Turks look forward to the start of construction of NPPs of Russian design “Akkuyu”. New units Atomstroyexport is building in a big way in India at the Kudankulam nuclear power plant, the correspondent The Moscow Post.

Already filled Playground for the new rooppur NPP in Bangladesh. A few days ago, a powerful signed an agreement with China on the construction of four new power units. All the construction is going at the expense of Russia and Russians. Your coins yet only offers Tehran . Beijing promises that the new NPP will be entirely paid by the Chinese side.

What are the billions spent on the construction of overseas nuclear power plants? Rosatom gives loans to the countriesin which it sells its nuclear projects. In total, Turkey, Egypt, Bangladesh, and Finland has already received more than $ 100 billion at 3% per annum. This money, incidentally, are withdrawn from the budget of the Russian Federation. And when is the deadline on the loan, which Moscow provided Minsk on the construction of NPP “Ostrowiec” in Belarus? 50 years later, in 2068! When it is alive it will not Sergei Kiriyenko, neither Dmitry Medvedev nor Alexander Lukashenko.

Note, that in Russia continue to operate the old dangerous nuclear reactors of the Chernobyl type. Today, 11 such reactors are working at the Leningrad, Kursk and Smolensk NPPs. But those old work horse nobody thinks to stop, although out of them for a long time spilling sand, or rather graphite. Why new nuclear power plants are being built EN masse for cordon? Yes, even at the expense of poor Russians?

The risks are monstrous

-Agreement on the construction of Turkey’s first nuclear power station was signed by Moscow and Ankara in 2010, reminds the doctor of technical Sciences, in the recent past-the Deputy Director on science Institute of nuclear engineering, Professor Igor Ostretsov. – The contract involves construction of four power units of 1,200 megawatts. But why the credit for the nuclear project with a payback period of 30 years is issued for such a long period of just under 3% per annum.

Former Deputy Minister for atomic energy, doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Bulat Nigmatulin also can not conceal his indignation:

– Russian export projects for nuclear power plants promoted by those loans that we give to our foreign partners. And give in unfavorable conditions, with high risks of non-repayment of funds. What countries issued these loans? Not too economically developed, the problem on the state of the economy. In India we are stuck in political and environmental reasons, which worsened after the events at Fukushima in Japan. Of special note is the Turkish project of “Akkuyu”. This project requires a very close attention!

The underlying intergovernmental agreement of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Turkey on cooperation in the sphere of construction and operation of nuclear power plant in Akkuyu was signed 8 years ago. In the basic agreement contains such a funding scheme of the project is”build – own – operate”. But under this scheme, no one in the world, including Russia, nuclear power plants have never worked. Under the baseline agreement, the project company is created, that is, AO, accredited in Turkey. 100% shares of the JSC belongs to Russia, or rather Russian fully state or with a predominant share of state capital companies.

-Detailed analysis of documents that underpin the project of “Akkuyu”, leaves no doubt that all possible additional costs up to billions of dollars in foreign exchange the scale of payments and risks for project implementation was assumed by Russia, – says Professor Igor Ostretsov. – In fact, the project of “Akkuyu” in the form in which it exists today, represents for our country adventure. Conditions for the sale of electricity at nuclear power plants “Akkuyu” bonded at its core, the risks of nuclear plant safety monstrous, high, operating conditions are contradictory and fraught as vnutriuretrale, Turkish-Russian and international conflicts. The agreement for NPP “Akkuyu” is run without the financial commitment of the Turkish side. Turkey does not bear any financial risk for the project. The entire project will have to pay for resources from the budget of the Russian Federation.

What is surprising? In the documents for NPP “Akkuyu” no obligation of the Turkish side for the construction of transmission lines and substations for the PTO, there is no data for guaranteed elektrosbyt these capacities. The Turkish side is responsible only for the allocation of land for nuclear power plants and guarantees access to such land contractors, agents, suppliers, on behalf of and with the consent of the Project company. Under the agreement the physical protection included in the area of responsibility of the Project company, which is contrary to international law, according to which responsibility for physical protection rests with the state in whose territory is built and operated nuclear facility. The Turkish side, providing a platform for long-term use under a nuclear power plant, appreciated your contribution (in the form of a plot of empty land) in the project “Akkuyu” at the level of 1/5 of the total cost of the future nuclear power plant. As this fraction corresponds to the condition of payment of 20% of net profit of the project company in the Turkish budget.

Features of the contractual arrangement do the Akkuyu nuclear power plant is unique because it is subordinate to the jurisdiction of the Turkish side, while itself a nuclear plant belongs to Russia. Therefore it must be both Russian and Turkish norms and regulations that virtually impossible. According to Russian standards, for example, prohibited the flight of aircraft over nuclear plants. Who will set limits for the flight of aircraft over a nuclear power plant “Akkuyu” and implement measures for air defense, which apply to all Russian NPPs? Nuclear power not a military base, nuclear power plant construction on the territory of another state on such a complex and controversial formula exceptional precedent in the world practice. To get involved in such an adventure is extremely dangerous!

-Remember that Turkey is the scene of recurring conflict, the ruling forces of the country with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party – said Valery Volkov, Professor, Director of the Academy of geopolitical problems. -It increases the level of terrorist threat. And the South-East of Turkey, where the Mersin province is the main region of compact residence of Kurds. 70 km from the NPP “Akkuyu” – the coast of the Republic of Cyprus. And there – the self-proclaimed Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

But the Agreement on construction of NPP “Akkuyu” passed approval in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development, Rostekhnadzor, FSB, the Ministry of justice. And was approved by the Decree of the Government on the basis of the attached feasibility study, Rosatom. The Agreement ratified in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Why the leaders of these ministries and agencies have endorsed this Agreement, and the deputies of the State Duma voted for him, not realizing how much damage it will inflict on the national interests of Russia?

Hell on the construction site in Belarus

Not everything is all right with the other foreign construction Atomstroyexport – the Belarusian nuclear power plant. The correct name of this object – AES “Ostrowiec”. And mysterious on this site!

Here, at least the construction period. In the fall of 2015, a group of Russian nuclear scientists asked the leaders about that, how so quickly to create new nuclear reactors? Engineering base is destroyed, once the nuclear giant, plant ATOMMASH not recovered. What capacity are the new reactors? For the construction of one reactor in the more prosperous years had 5 years … the New building of the reactor of Ostrovets collected over 2 years! Oil poured into the fire, and the former head of the Board of Directors of Atommash Sergey Yakunin. He was very surprised, and how to create new nuclear reactor, if the carousel super-machine for the construction of the reactor have been sold to China?”

Before shipment of the reactor vessel to Belarus was filmed a television program on the first channel, – says Sergey Yakunin. – The plot allegedly took Atommash. But later it turned out that in Belarus sent the old building of the nuclear reactor Izhorskiye Zavody, the benefit that ATOMMASH released before his looting of more than 10 components for nuclear reactors. Lukashenko, therefore, sent greetings from 90-x years. Quoted Yakunin portal “EurAsia Daily”.

And then start very very mysterious event. The reactor vessel was delivered to the city Ostrowiec. And in July 2016, began to mount…But a multi-ton structure fell from a height of 4 meters, fairly crush her ribs. CHP was hiding for two weeks. But the pain, especially nuclear, in the bag. However still crawled on the surface. And then Ostrowiec promised new housing. And it even brought to the object. But the hell continued.

During transportation the second case happened to a new state of emergency, – said the expert on problems of nuclear power, nuclear physicist Andrei Ozharovsky. – When shunting works at one of the stations of the Belarusian Railways occurred-touch protective casing of the reactor vessel with a support of a contact network. The case has received mechanical damage. However, the first power unit of NPP “Ostrowiec” set “injured” reactor vessel! And very soon going to start!

-As today is the construction of NPP “Ostrowiec” in Belarus, where the construction of two power units?

The question we asked Nina Dementsova, head of the communication Department of Atomstroyexport.

“The Belarusian nuclear power plant today constructed with two VVER-1200 generation 3+. At the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, the readiness of the first unit of the Belarusian nuclear power plant was 78%, the second – 50%”.

The reference sample VVER-1200 (the sixth power unit of Novovoronezh NPP) showed very high quality work, if you remember serious incident in November 2016, and numerous shutdowns and repairs. What is the situation today with a reactor of generation 3+? Moreover, we have a serious competitor to China and a reactor of generation 3+, which is up and running smoothly?

Innovative power unit No. 1 of Novovoronezh NPP-2 (unit № 6 of Novovoronezh NPP) gen 3+ VVER-1200 reactor as at 4 June 2018 since its launch has generated over 10 billion kWh of electricity, which is comparable to the annual demand of the Voronezh region in electricity. The unit works well, without failures.

Losses – more than $ 1 billion

Foreign construction projects of Atomstroyexport ruin Russia.

And it shows on this bright example. In 2010 the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation has prepared a Report on the activities of the state Corporation “Rosatom” abroad. The auditors were engaged in foreign construction projects. In particular, Rosatom’s nuclear projects in Iran, China and India. Supervised the accounts chamber at that time Sergei Stepashin. Witnesses said that Stepashin eyes climbed on his forehead when he read this report. Revealed the facts of a criminal nature. But Mr. Stepashin hastened to put on the folder with the report marked “Confidential”.

It turned out that Russia’s losses on these construction projects amounted to more than 1 billion dollars, – says the Deputy of the state Duma (then), doctor of technical Sciences, Professor Ivan nikitchuk. I have reviewed this report on foreign construction sites. More than 300 pages of documents! The facts are damning.

For example, in the construction of NPP “Kudankulam” was used substandard parts imported from Russian factories. It is for this reason nuclear power plants in India for a long time could not begin its work. That is, it turns out: give credit for the construction, and then countless times changing fake parts. The same situation happened in Iran at the nuclear power station in Bushehr, when a nuclear reactor suddenly found foreign objects.

But today, Russia still ranked first in the world in construction of nuclear power plants abroad. In the portfolio of foreign orders Rosatom to 2030 may enter 80 new units in foreign countries. And today, in various stages of implementation are the projects on construction of 34 units in 12 countries. All of these processes are at the expense of Treasury of the Russian Federation.

– What builds today ASE?

Says the head of the communication Department of Atomstroyexport Nina Dementsova:

– “Atomstroyexport is building in foreign countries 10 nuclear power plants, 25 units (data from Annual report of the Engineering division of Rosatom state Corporation for 2017). It is the Belarusian NPP, NPP “Akkuyu” in Turkey, nuclear power plants, “al-Daba” in Egypt, rooppur NPP in Bangladesh, NPP “Paks-II” in Hungary the NPP “Kudankulam” in India, NPP “Tangwani” in China, a new unit at NPP “Bushehr” in Iran, nuclear power plant “Hanhikivi” in Finland”

Meanwhile, the construction of NPP “Hanhikivi” in Finland, too, is paid for out of Russian money. For the money of Russian taxpayers Rosatom and saved from bankruptcy the Finnish company Fennovoima. Rosatom is already stated on the financing of the NPP project “Hanhikivi” in the amount of 1 billion euros. Funds to support the Finnish nuclear project took the national welfare Fund. Officially this Fund “aims to become part of a sustainable mechanism for pensions of citizens of the Russian Federation” and are not intended to serve the interests of foreign companies. In fact, the opposite is true!

A “peaceful atom” is going to Africa

Today Nigeria talks with Rosatom on the construction of 4 nuclear units with a total value of 20 billion dollars. This was announced by the Chairman of the national atomic energy Commission Franklin Erepamo Osaisai. And the first unit should be commissioned in 2025. The head of the Nigerian nuclear authority has said that Rosatom will have a controlling stake project, and the government will enter into with the nuclear power plant contract for the supply of electricity. Funding for the construction and further operation of NPP will be carried out at the expense of Russia. The framework agreement on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Nigeria was signed in 2012. It defined the basic principles of interaction for design of the station, its construction, operation and decommissioning. The amount of the contract is still not announced. But the money are going to take from the pockets of Russians.

But how Rosatom will build all these nuclear facilities abroad? After all, dozens of them! And why in Russia, its new nuclear construction projects so little? And why Rosatom is in no hurry to close the old semi-emergency nuclear power station?

In 2007 Sergey Kirienko told about the plans to build by 2020 30 units. Some construction ended up frozen. This happened, for example, with the Baltic NPP, the construction of which have invested 70 billion rubles. Suddenly it became clear that the station in the Kaliningrad region does not need! That is, 70млрд. buried in the ground! In this connection incomprehensible and widely advertised the profitability of nuclear energy. Costs of it are huge. The total amount of funds allocated for the needs of the nuclear industry, beginning in 2015 and ending in 2020 will amount to 899 billion. How many of them will go to foreign loans?

– Yes, the Russian export projects for overseas construction of nuclear power plants advanced and promoted at the expense of credits, – says doctor of technical Sciences Bulat Nigmatullin. And Russia gives them to unfavorable conditions, with a very high risk of default.

And if it’s just a nice withdrawal of money from the budget? After 11 years sitting in a chair atomic “General” on the Big Ordynka Sergey Kirienko was able to build for the country a total of 5 units (instead of the promised 30). And they are all problematic! The most recent, “new”, the fourth unit at the Rostov nuclear power plant was built on the patterns 1979! Started it in February 2018. The unit worked for only 5 hours. And stopped. The repair work was not one day.




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  3. Thanks Nadezhada. Good article. Please publish more. It is important dor people to know. We do not get so much truth, about this. Glossed over, or propaganda is what we usually get.

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