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The Radioactive Cardiff Mud Dump is 10 times hotter than official records!


Richard Bramhall June 2018

Natural Resources Wales is in a very difficult position. They are responsible for issuing the Marine Licence that Electricité de France needs before they can dredge 300,000 tonnes of sediment from the Severn Estuary and dump it on Cardiff. But NRW knows almost nothing about how much radioactivity is in the mud.

CEFAS, a laboratory sponsored by Westminster Government, tested the mud but destroyed the data. Later they took samples only from the top layer although EdF proposes to scrape down to bed rock. They examined the samples only with a technique that cannot detect Uranium and Plutonium.

NRW says the mud is safe but they have no expertise on radiation and health. They rely on the English Environment Agency. But the Environment Agency told us and other NGOs they aren’t competent to talk about new evidence of the dangers of Uranium. They say we must discuss it with COMARE and Public Health England.

NRW claims to be open to fresh approaches and new information. We have reported to them on the evasion and dishonesty of COMARE and PHE when addressing new evidence. We have emphasised the sociological angle, telling them that a classic Scientific Revolution is happening in front of their eyes. We have pointed out that, rather than engaging with the science, COMARE has recruited a sociologist to help them deal with challenging dialogues (peep behind the scenes in Minute 2.5 of COMARE’s meeting in November 2017).

The majority of AMs who spoke in the Welsh Assembly mud dump debate on 23rd May emphasised the precautionary principle. Suspending the licence is an obvious first move so that proper tests can be done. Full reports.

Deception is RIFE

Recently we paid Harwell a lot of money to analyse sediment from Newbiggin near Sellafield. It turns out to be ten times as hot as CEFAS says in Radioactivity in Food and the Environment for the same location. If CEFAS is lying about Newbiggin we must infer that all the millions the Government has spent on RIFE reports over the last 23 years have been wasted. It also casts further doubt on what they have told Natural Resources Wales about the Cardiff Mud Dump.

Source Richard Bramhall at the

Richards FB comment here;

“…Richard Bramhall

I just published a new report ( on the bogus science behind the Cardiff mud dump. It’s for Natural Resources Wales, forwarded by my AM Kirsty Williams.
Scientists have been protesting at the bogus modeling of radiation risk since WW2 but now it’s totally bizarre. The English Environment Agency has backed away from discussing it, leaving Natural Resources Wales, who relied on them, with no science but a dumping decision to defend. My report reproduces official responses from the people who can’t avoid discussing it because it’s their job — Public Health England, COMARE, and Westminster’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) — together with my replies dissecting their total b….x, sorry I mean “unscientific reasoning”.
I have alerted Sophie Howe, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales, that the dump is imminent. I have asked her to persuade NRW to withdraw or suspend the licence until new samples have been taken from the full depth of the sediment and tested with protocols that EdF’s critics agree with and can scrutinise. Please, Get with.

Further reading with link to petition;

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