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Nuclear energy on the decline, especially in developed countries

Modern Diplomacy 29th June 2018 ,For more than 40 years, nuclear energy has been an important contributor in
several countries to energy security and a key source of zero-emissions

But the future of nuclear energy is facing growing challenges,
increased competition with renewables and gas and, in some cases, public
opposition. With the aim of identifying the key issues and exploring the
future of nuclear power, the International Energy Agency (IEA) held a
high-level meeting in Paris yesterday titled “Nuclear Energy: Today and

The sessions highlighted how, under current policy frameworks,
and with limited investment in new plants, the contribution of nuclear to
the power mix in mature markets is set to decline significantly. Most new
construction is in Asia, with China and India accounting for over half of
the new reactors under construction. In IEA’s World Energy Outlook New
Policies Scenario, nuclear power production grows with two countries, China
and India, responsible for over 90 percent of net growth to 2040.

By contrast, outside of Japan, nuclear power generation in developed economies
is set to decline 20 percent by 2040. The meeting also heard about new
initiatives to advance innovative nuclear power technologies, including
those that can address better the need for greater power systems
flexibility, spurred by the rise of generation from variable renewables.

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