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Who is being renditioned today? Shannonwatch report from Ireland

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At the Shannon peace vigil today we had the usual force of Gardai (police) providing security for Shannon airport for one hour, from peaceful non-violent peace activists. This charade occurs once a month for one hour on the second Sunday of each month from 2pm to 3pm. Access along the main road to the airport is restricted and peace activists are not allowed into airport, for one hour each month. At almost any other time, indeed from 3.30 pm this evening anyone who wishes, including the same peace activists can freely go the airport, as the Gardai will all have gone home or back to the Garda Barracks.

Today there were two US war-planes at the airport. One was an OMNI air chartered aircraft carrying up to 300 armed US troops to or from US wars in the Middle East. The other was a US air force executive jet, probably carrying US generals who of course would never travel in humble chartered aircraft together with their troops.

There are an average of about 720 hours in each month, so that means that for 719 hour in most months there is no Garda security on the main road into Shannon airport, and precious little real security up at the airport either, except when there may be a US military aircraft at the airport, and even then, security is very inadequate, given that Shannon airport is possible terrorist target. Do the Middle Eastern terrorist know the US military are using Shannon airport. Yes we do know that the Middle Eastern terrorist do know that the US military are using Shannon airport.

It is highly irresponsible of the Irish Government, firstly to allow the US military to use Shannon airport and even more so not to provide virtually any proper anti-terrorist security at Shannon airport. If or when a terrorist attack occurs at Shannon airport our Irish Government will of course say they took all necessary precautions, which will be a lie, and that such an attack could not have been foreseen, which will be another lie. Anybody killed or injured at Shannon airport will be just collateral damage.

For more information on how the USA uses Ireland for criminal and unconstitutional purposes see this link


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