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The week that was in nuclear news – to February 24

Not much has changed this week: the simmering North-Korean -USA nuclear continued to simmer  quietly while the Winter Olympics were on: the global nuclear waste anxieties ratcheted up a little.

We got an insight into Donald Trump’s mindset about how to deal with  teenage gunmen, (or anyone difficult?) . He suggests giving bonuses to teachers who carry guns into the classroom. As a former teacher, I shudder to think what might happen in some classrooms with a bunch of obstreperous kids.

Climate change: global sea level rise is inevitable, but more emissions will make it worse. Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal, flooded by extremely mild air on all sides.


Vain hopes for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs) – expensive and there are no customers anyway.

Blocks to Mars travel – lethal radiation, and ,  – who pays?

Health Effects of Plutonium (lest we forget)

JAPAN. Japanese govt to support firms that export nuclear power technology.   Japan wants Fukushima evacuees to go home:  they’re not so sure. Japan to start nuclear cleanup of Fukushima town, Namie, around May.   Fukushima plant reactor #3 gets new roof cover.


NORTH KOREA. North Korea pushing ahead with intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and hydrogen bombs. North Korea preparing to launch cyber attacks.

SOUTH KOREA. South Korean president says Olympics have lowered tensions with North. (Washington Post). A South Korean province considers co-hosting the 2021 Asian Winter Games with North Korea.

EUROPE. Legal challenge to European Union against approving Hungary’s nuclear expansion plans.

SWEDEN. Swedish Environmental Court‘s very thorough study on copper canisters for storing spent nuclear fuel rods.

IRELAND. Belated consultation with Ireland about UK’s Hinkley nuclear plant – may help Ireland to fight other UK nuclear plans. Under UN conventions the peoples of neighbouring countries that could be affected by a nuclear project need to be consulted.

FRANCE. French police in body armour, with earthmover, evict activists protesting against nuclear waste dumping. France must come clean and admit that it has an exceptionally dangerous nuclear waste problem.

UK. UK’s plans for nuclear waste canisters – face the same problems as Sweden’s. Centrica to sell its UK nuclear holdings. France’s Electricite de France (EDF) boasts new cheaper nuclear reactor – makes Hinkley C nuclear project look unwise.  Continuing plunge in Britain’s electricity consumption.

SAUDI ARABIATrump Might Bend Nuclear Security Rules To Help Saudi Arabia get nuclear power.  Concern in USA Congress over Saudi Arabia’s real aims in going for nuclear energy.  Saudi Arabia, Egypt wanted US to bomb Iran.

IRAN. Iran would leave the nuclear deal if it brings no economic benefit.

INDIA. In India, groups unite to oppose construction of the atomic power plant at Kovvada.

CHINA.  China’s nuclear weapons modernisation is relatively small: China not wanting to attack USA. China again stresses its policy of No First Use of Nuclear Weapons.

SOUTH AFRICA. Not just Russian but ANY nuclear new-build is a poor choice for South Africa.


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