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France must come clean and admit that it has an exceptionally dangerous nuclear waste problem

Reporterrre 16th Feb 2018, Nuclear waste: the state must stop lying. Pointing out that the situation in which the nuclear industry has led France is particularly complicated.

Why ? Because, while the other countries exploiting nuclear energy have to manage only one type of waste, the spent fuels leaving highly radioactive reactors, France is engaged in the way of reprocessing, which leads to create five types of waste, as we explained in detail this week minor actinides; plutonium, the used MOx, reprocessed uranium, spent uranium

The situation is further complicated because there are also graphite-gas fuels, depleted uranium, mine waste rock, and so on. But stay with these five types of waste, the most dangerous. As each has different radioactive and thermal characteristics, each calls for a particular solution.

In other words, while, for example, the United States or Sweden has to manage only one type of nuclear waste – and there is no solution to it – France has five headaches. instead of one. Honesty would be to recognize it, rather than make the public believe that there is ” nuclear waste ” and that it will be enough to bury it to solve the problem.

 Reporterre 17th Feb 2018, The La Hague plant in the English Channel sees its nuclear waste storage
ponds approaching saturation. Concern is growing in the French nuclear industry, which is desperate for solutions to the different types of high-level radioactive waste it has accumulated for years.

Reporterre 15th Feb 2018, The storage of radioactive waste in ” swimming pools ” is excessively dangerous: risk of breach, attack, dangerous transport, etc. France is one of the few countries that has not opted for dry storage, which is much safer.

Reporterre 15th Feb 2018  The French atomic sector has multiplied the types of radioactive waste, by setting up a ” reprocessing ” industry which proves useless. The system is moribund, and, mezzo voce, the experts begin to envision its end.

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