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Irish neutrality once again threatened by NATO warmongering! Protest request by Edward Horgan of

A Dutch NATO submarine is due to insult Irish neutrality this weekend at Cork. The HNLMS Walruss is expected to dock at Horgan’s Quay in Cork this Friday and spend the weekend there. In 2016 another Dutch NATO submarine also docked at Horgan’s Quay in Cork to refuel and resupply while most likely on Atlantic NATO duties monitoring Russian naval vessels. On that occasion the HNLMS Bruinvis was met by a protest by peace activists. Red paint signifying blood spilled in wars was used to ‘decorate’ the conning tower of the warship, causing some surprise to its crew and its accompanying Garda protection escort.
The presence of NATO warships in Irish ports is a breach of Irish neutrality. The Netherlands is actively involved in the US led wars of aggression in the Middle East, and the HNLMS Walruss has been actively involved in so-called “Operation Enduring Freedom”. The only freedom that Operation Enduring Freedom has achieved is the freedom it is giving to NATO states to extract or steal the oil and other resources from the Middle East.
It is important that this warship visit is also met by a peace activist protest to demonstrate that it is not welcome in the Neutral Port of Cork. Irish ports were under foreign colonial control for far too long and the last three ports only came back to sovereign control in 1937.
The visit of this warship is not a courtesy visit, it is a breach of Irish Neutrality visit.
A protest at Horgan’s Quay in Cork at 2 pm on Saturday is being planned. Dublin based peace activists who cannot make the journey to Cork could have a suitable protest at the Dutch Embassy in Dublin.
Horgan’s Quay in Cork is within very easy walking distance from Cork rail and bus stations.


NOTE from Arclight2011;

For a further understanding of how NATO and the Atlantic Alliance has been pushing Europe into a war footing here is a now deleted video from the Atlantic Alliance meeting in Europe from March 2016 where they discuss/threaten European countries to up the war machine. Ireland has just paid 4 billion Euros to the EU Army fund that is connected to NATO`s plans to upgrade Europes infrastructure (Bridges and roads etc) to handle NATO tanks etc and to meet NATO demands for European countries to pay 2 percent of GDP towards the warmongering. Ireland joins NATO through the back door!

The Shannonwatch website has been blocked in the Irish Parliament building (ref John Lannon).

There is a push back against the European army plans (PESCO);


Atlantic Alliance video (March 2016) renamed to avoid deletion (download a copy and share while you can)


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