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Chasing Radioactive Cloud – Full Report Arctur-AISense

Screenshot from 2017-11-14 10:45:51
Published on 10 Nov 2017

Increased levels of radioactive Ruthenium were detected in air over central Europe in October 2017. Arctur-AISense team set out to check the radioactive pollution over the Alpine region. Dedicated AISense Gamma IV hot spot locator was mounted beneath an ultralight aircraft to chase possible aerial hot-spots at different atmospheric layers.

Check the instrument details here:

Explanation of the methodology of this report from Slovenia from the You Tube comments;

R106 is a beta bearing particle.. that cool gamma sensitive tool would be good in the forests of Fukushima and Myagi. Also the Oze National Park in Chiba/Fukushima might get some results..
Hi, Ru-106 decays by beta to Rh-106 which decays to Pd-106. Gamma rays are emitted along this decay chain and it was gamma rays that gave it away in labs around Europe. Thx!
It did not budge the EURDEP mapping system anywhere! I thought it was the atmospheric filters they use in France that caught it.. Thanks for the response
You’re right. Atmospheric filters that get replaced every so days and are then squished into a small container and placed under a HPGe detector. Even then, it was barely detectable. We also detected it in Slovenia by air filter gamma analysis, but just barely. (Beta analysis alone would not be selective enough due to its continuous energy spectrum along other beta background so we need gammas at high resolution to ID it.)
Thanks for the clarification. Good to see Europeans not relying on Eurdep 🙂 Namaste

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