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Norway grants immigration to Israeli nuclear whistleblower

I live in Ireland and we have signed the UN nuclear weapons ban. If there was another good reason for banning these awful things it would also be because of the governments that stifle freedom of speech and use the official secrets act to terrorise and discriminate against their citizenry .. God willing that this poor man will be released to live with his wife and family. Norway is a wonderful place and he will be welcomed. Time for Israel to show some compassion and forgiveness. It is time! [Arclight2011]


Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu has been granted permission to immigrate to Norway so he can be united with his Norwegian wife.

Vanunu’s wife, Kristin Joachimsen, told Norway’s TV2 channel Friday the couple requested family reunification after they wed in May 2015. It wasn’t clear when he would relocate.

Joachimsen says: “Family values have prevailed.”

Vanunu served 18 years in prison for leaking details and pictures of an alleged Israeli nuclear weapons program to a British newspaper. He sought asylum in Norway after his 2004 release.

Israel then banned him from speaking with foreigners and leaving the country, among other restrictions.

Israel neither confirms nor denies its nuclear weapons capability.


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  1. In 2013 during my last trip to Jerusalem Vanunu told me a CNN reporter had recently asked for an interview. Vanunu told him, “No! Everything is already on the Internet.”

    “30 Minutes with Vanunu”

    Vanunu’s childhood through crisis of faith and identity in print:

    Recent articles regarding Vanunu’s human rights struggle:

    Comment by eileenflemingbooks | October 1, 2017 | Reply

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