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A New Measure of Ionization Density at the DNA: The Unit of Genetic dose, the Müller




Via Chris Busby

ECRR develops a new unit of radiation exposure. Following developments in internal radiation research the ECRR will shortly be presenting the concept of Genetic Dose, which is the new term for the ECRR unit of biophysical enhanced dose presented in the 2003 and 2010 reports.

The unit of Genetic Dose (which is a measure of ionization density at the DNA) is the Müller written Mü.

The unit was named after Herman Joseph Müller, who was awarded the Nobel prize for his discovery of the genetic effects of ionizing radiation.

For details of the calculation of the genetic dose refer to ECRR2010. A new edition of the ECRR risk model is in preparation, will include new information and risk factors for heritable damage and will be published shortly.

The ECRR will abandon the Sievert but include the ICRP weighting factors in w(j).
Genetic Dose (Mü) = Absorbed Dose (Gy) x enhancement factors w(i), w(j).

This method and the description of the new unit will be published in the peer-review literature.

European Committee on Radiation Risk:
The European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) is an informal[1] committee formed in 1997 following a meeting by the European Green Party at the European Parliament to review the Council of Europe’s directive 96/29Euratom, issued in May of the previous year

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