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June 2017 Britain sets a new renewable energy record

Content Coms 22nd June 2017, It’s official; this month – June 2017 – the UK set a new renewable
energy record as wind and solar power surged. The Telegraph broke the news,
saying the blustery start to summer has helped the renewable energy
industry to its highest ever output, as wind turbines and solar panels
helped to meet more than half of the UK’s electricity demand.

It’s a telling reminder you don’t necessarily need the blinding sun of recent
days for panels to do their work. Revolutions take place quietly most of
the time.

Either way, the news is a truly astonishing result, and coupled
with last year’s confirmations that the world as a whole has decoupled
growth from carbon emissions, looks set to truly confound sceptics of
renewable and low carbon technologies.

And of course, it makes yet more of a mockery of President Trump’s fossil-based repudiation of Paris. His
idiocy now stands proven by the truth of what renewables can do, powering
over half of one of the world’s important economies; the UK. In fact,
soon we will be calling oil the energy alternative, and renewables the


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