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Support request for Herve Courtois who contributes to from his friends and colleagues


Hi readers

Every now and again, we here at find ourselves in a financial situation where our computers wear out due to the stress and abuse we give them trying to get quality science journalism out to you for free.

We do not ask for money on a subscription basis as this would take money away from those great NGO`s that support the victims of Fukushima and other nuclear disaster support groups like Chernobyl Children International, Trident Ploughshares, World Nuclear News 🙂 ,  Bellona, CRIIRAD, Nuclear Hotseat etc etc.

However, as we work on a voluntary basis and are self supporting sometimes even our meager needs to publish this blog (and other blogs and social media we are involved in ) overwhelm our personal budgets.

Herve Courtois is one of the 3 authors who contribute to nuclear-news to make this the most informative and balanced nuclear resource blog on the planet and his posts speak for themselves.

Herve has a child in Fukushima and is an invaluable resource for non click bait information concerning the Fukushima 2011 nuclear meltdown disaster. I would humbly request that you might help him to get a new computer so he can continue and even expand his work here and around other social media platforms. Many of his friends had to really push him to start a Go Fund Me page because he prefers donations to go to the victims of Fukushima etc.

Please help  our good friend Herve out by sending him a donation towards his new computer and I feel you will be compensated over the coming months and years with articles, interviews and memes from this dedicated, humble and selfless activist and Science Media Journalist who is appreciated by both pro and anti nuclear followers of this blog.

Please share this post on any media format you are on and within your workplace or activist group to help him make his small target goal!

Regards Shaun and Christina (the other contributers to this blog)

Link to his Go Fund Me page here;

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  1. I can send money but only through paypal which gofundme doesn’t have. any other way to send to Herve?

    Comment by liz | March 9, 2017 | Reply

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