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Sartaj Aziz’s remark shows Pakistan’s agitation over India’s increasing Nuclear power: Defence experts

Feb 13, 2017

NEW DELHI: Downplaying Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif ‘s adviser on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz’s comments where he held India responsible for the ‘nuclearisation’ of the Indian Ocean, Defence experts have opined that Islamabad is perturbed because New Delhi is getting equipped.
Asserting that Pakistan had no issue with ‘nuclearisation’ until India was not active, Defence expert P.K Sehgal said, “Pakistan never got intimidated when China got equipped but now they are raising this issue because India also possesses nuclear power. And we will increase in our nuclear power.”
Treading the same path, another defence expert Qamar Agha said that India has always been committed in maintaining tranquility in the Indian Ocean and that Aziz’s comments were unwarranted. “Pakistan and China are responsible for ‘nuclearisation’ in Indian ocean. They are increasing their presence there.
Whatever India is doing in this regard is for defence. We got nuclear weapons because China and Pakistan were developing in the same path. Indian Ocean is India’s part and India maintains peace and decorum in its boundaries and is still doing it. Sartaz Aziz’s comments are totally wrong,” said Agha.
Pakistan would go all out to contain grave threats to peace and security in the Indian Ocean primarily due to nuclearisation started by India, said Aziz, while speaking at the International Maritime Conference in Karachi.
Aziz asserted that ‘nuclearisation’ of the Indian Ocean had adversely affected the stability in the region and that the threats were likely to intensify in future.

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