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Fukushima Blues – Is Thyroid Cancer good for you and does it help if you smile?

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By Shaun McGee
Dated 9 February 2017
There is a campaign in Japan to expand the thyroid tests on downwind victims from the Fukushima nuclear disaster of march 2011. At the same time there is another campaign on behalf of the pro nuclear lobby to reduce the existing tests The background to this situation is described in detail on these links;
You will notice that on the corruption link a post at the bottom of the article from NHK [Fund to help young people with thyroid cancer NHK Japan; 27 Dec 2016] which states that at least one childs thyroid cancer had spread to the lungs because the thyroid cancer had not been dealt with quickly enough. This article has now been taken down (the link is on the corruption post for you to try) in a bid (I claim) to play down the possible risks of reducing the thyroid cancer checks.
Then I noticed a new paper being submitted and accepted by the Endocrine Journal by  Dr. Takano from the Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine in Feb 2017 that might support the pro nuclear lobbies reduction in thyroid testing claims.
After reading the paper I was shocked as I was aware that at least one child had got secondary cancer because of the present testing regime. The NHK article doesn’t confirm if the child was living within the Fukushima Prefecture or in one of the nearby prefectures. But there has been a spate of thyroid cancer from nearby prefectures and if you follow the above links you will see that many people have signed a petition (including a Nobel Laurette) to keep the testing in place and, in fact, extend the testing to nearby prefectures.
I will now move onto my further investigation on the “new” Endrocrine Journal paper. I contacted Prof T Tsude, Prof C Busby and Prof J Mangano for their comments on this paper to find out what, if any, problems there might be with these findings that will be used by main stream media and scientists as a source to refute the campaign to expand the thyroid tests and in turn support the nuclear lobbies aims at mitigating costs for the Fukushima nuclear plant owner TEPCO. I asked a simple question;
What do you make of this Japanese study on Thyroid cancer in Children not developing into life threatening cancer?
 Here are the responses I received;
Prof. Toshihide Tsuda


Dr. Takano does not notice several important issues of evidence.
1. In the second round screening in Fukushima, more than ten times (to a maximum of forty times) increase of thyroid cancer was observed. Most of them (80%) were detected with any nodule in the first round.
2. In the second round as well as the first, there was variability among areas and/or district within Fukushima Prefecture.
3. In low and non contaminated areas around Chernobyl, direct estimation from ultrasound screening data among 47,203 examinees in the unexposed or relatively low contaminated areas in Belarus no cancer cases were detected (95% confidence interval: 0–78 per million examinees) (Ito 1995, Shibata 2001, Domidchik 2007). In the studies by Ito et al. and Shibata et al., the same manner was employed as that in Fukushima, which was only more the 5.1 mm nodules were secondary examined, which could not be explained by resolution increase of ultrasound image. The other paper may be conducted by same manner because overlap co-author.
The evidence completely refutes assumption of Dr. Takano’s hypothesis.
Ito M, Yamashita S, Ashizawa K, et al. Childhood thyroid diseases around Chernobyl evaluated by ultrasound examination and fine needle aspiration cytology. Thyroid. 1995;5:365–368.
Shibata Y, Yamashita S, Masyakin VB, Panasyuk GD, Nagataki S. 15 years after Chernobyl: new evidence of thyroid cancer. Lancet. 2001;358:1965–1966.
Demidchik YE, Saenko VA, Yamashita S. Childhood thyroid cancer in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine after Chernobyl and at present. Arq Bras Endocrinol Metabol. 2007;51:748–762.`
Prof. Chris Busby
OK. I have read this. It is an a dishonest attempt to avoid the clear effect after Fukushima. It was published the day after it was submitted Jan 19th-Jan 20th in a Japanese Endocrine Society journal. It contains various dishonest spins.
(1) The Korea studies were near nuclear sites
(2)There was an increase in adult thyroid cancer after Chernobyl-it was not constrained to children
(3) Thyroid surgeries don’t alter the prognosis: this depends on surgery numbers in children and prognosis numbers in adults also as the man says, there are secondaries in the lymphatic system which surgery does nor remove
(4) there was an increase in thyroid cancer after radioiodine, in fact if the author he quotes had been honest, the increase would have been double, Holm took out all the cases that occurred inside 5 years.
The existence of occult tumours that have not progressed is well known and not something he has discovered “for the first time”. Their lack of progression is a consequences of signaling control by the local cell community and the immune system. A scam.
Prof. Joe Mangano
I take exception in the abstract, describing some thyroid cancers as “cancers that are malignant, but do not prove to be lethal” as if they were not a concern themselves, or a marker for other diseases in people. The explosion of child thyroid cancer near Fukushima has driven the health establishment to produce “papers” that assert that the enormous radiation exposure throughout Japan and the world does not affect children and adults health. The same thing occurred after Chernobyl – another example of damage control using dishonest science.

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  4. This is a letter to Medicine Blog to point out the above paper by OHIRA et al. ni Fukushima medical university is not true.
    We read with interest the paper by Ohira et al. of thyroid ultrasound examinations in Fukushima, which examines the relation between external radiation dose and thyroid cancer prevalence among Fukushima children.1 However, we point out that their classification of 59 municipalities in Fukushima prefecture into 3 areas is inappropriate. The “lowest dose area” was constituted of Aizu area with least thyroid dose and a distant Iwaki city with the highest thyroid dose, which led to a wrong conclusion that the external radiation dose was not associated with thyroid cancer prevalence among Fukushima children.
    Another link

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