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Flamaville – More missing radiation data, From the 7th Feb 2017 from nuclear station

It would appear that the accident today was due to some work that was ongoing on the Flamaville nuclear site over at least a couple of days.

I noticed that on the 7th February 2017 between approx 22.00hrs GMT and 24.00 hrs GMT that there is some missing data from the local radiation monitors;


And this one;


These releases were seen as a low rise on the Jersey monitor about an hour later here;


Whilst these levels in Jersey are not excessive I just thought I would show how quickly a plume from the Flamaville site could reach the Channel Islands. A report by UK “Experts” said that there would be no risk to the Channel Islands even if there was a serious accident. These are the same claims that are made about ireland concerning the Sellafield nuclear disaster site in the west coast of the UK and they come with pretty graphs and lots of complicated equations.

I, for one, do not believe the UK experts reassurances. Thats why I sent in a petition to the Irish EPA calling for a re-justification of the Euratom Treaty concerning Sellafield.. The Irish EPA is currently about 4 weeks late in officially responding to this (hoping for an Irish version of Brexit perhaps). More on this later.

Aside from that, once again we can see that the official releases from French reactors are being played down as is the official take on the health effects of these normal working releases. The nuclear industry and EDF need to become more transparent but in recent years they have become even less so.

If any Europeans wish to apply for a re-justification on the Euratom treaty based on new evidence of the real risk of health effects please follow this link where you can contact them for help and support to fill in the form.

Shaun McGee

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9 Feb 2017 17.50 hrs GMT


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