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Flamaville in flames – Radiation report and hidden spike? Heading towards the Channel Islands


Image; Flamaville radiation monitoring stations and the Channel Islands

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By Shaun McGee

Date 9 February 2017 12.50 hrs GMT

Even though many media sources had claimed that there was no threat of radiation releases I checked the radiation monitoring network of Europe called EURDEP at 12.18 hrs  GMT to see if the incident at Flamaville had triggered any spikes showing a radiation release.

Obviously, after the Chernobyl, Budapest Medical Isotope Institute and Fukushima incidents etc there is little trust in the nuclear industry reports of such incidents. I noticed that although the incident happened just after 10.00 hrs GMT  that the French monitoring system had stopped its hourly reading at around 10.30 hrs GMT;

Screenshot from 2017-02-09 12:17:04.png

I then checked the UK based monitoring system at Alderney in the Channel Islands that is located east of the nuclear power plant and that monitoring system was still doing up to date reports;


The next thing i checked was the wind directions to assess the movement of any likely plumes and there is a slow wind that is moving to the east (Towards the Channel Islands)  at 12.50 hrs GMT;


Obviously the reactor, where the incident took place, has been reported to have been shut down and presuming that there is no release or radiation plume happening at the moment I thought it would be a good idea to work out where the Off Gassing from the shut down reactor (A normal operation in the event of a reactor shut down to enable works to be done in and around the reactor) might head towards so I checked the wind map projection for 21.00 hrs GMT this evening. The wind will be heading east for the rest of the day and possibly the night as well;

Screenshot from 2017-02-09 12:12:57.png


Presuming that EDF are telling the truth, it is likely that they will be Off Gassing the reactor radioactive gases and that those will be heading towards the Channel Islands. The Off gassing will possibly not register locally in france as the Chimney stack and increasing wind speed will take it over the local radiation monitors (picture at top of the page). The fact that EDF have switched of the EURDEP monitoring map that is for the emergency services is worrying but we see this happening all the time and it has been reported as an issue because it skews the yearly reportable total radiation output from Europes nuclear reactors and so plays down the calculations of health effects caused by these “normal” releases.

We will keep you posted if we get any further news on this breaking situation but, as we see, the nuclear industry is already trying to mitigate any bad news and cover up any resulting spikes for their paid for epidemiologists calculations. We can thank the IAEA for this practice as we have seen in the past.

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