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India to host international nuclear security meet next week after nuclear materials were found near Mumbai


Feb 5, 2017,

New Delhi: Noting that possible use of weapons of mass destruction and related material by terrorists is no longer a theoretical concern, India will host a key meet on nuclear security here next week which will be attended by delegated from over 100 countries.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in coordination with the Department of Atomic Energy is hosting the Implementation and Assessment Group Meeting of the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT) on February 8-10.

Approximately 150 delegates from various GICNT partner countries and international organisations will participate in this event, a statement by the MEA said.

It said the development was pursuant to the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Nuclear Security Summit last year.

It said the event highlights India’s commitment to global nuclear non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy and is part of its overall engagement with the international community on nuclear security issues.

“India hosting this meeting highlights the continued priority we attach to nuclear security and our efforts to further strengthen the institutional frameworks, capacity building and enhance international cooperation,” the statement said.

It noted that the possible use of weapons of mass destruction and related material by terrorists is no longer a theoretical concern.

“A breach of nuclear security may lead to unimaginable consequences. Such an event would have a global impact. It is imperative to strengthen international efforts to combat such threats. This meeting is therefore timely and important and would further enhance our vigil,” MEA said.

GICNT was launched in 2006 jointly by the Russian Federation and the United States. In the past 10 years, it has grown to include 86 partner nations and five official observer organisations and has held several multilateral activities in support of its Statement of Principles.

ISIS and nuclear Armageddon? – Exclusive to

“….So, what is so important on the Thane Uranium Black market story? Firstly, the details of the purity of the Uranium. The Indian Police had done some homework and had the purity and the cost of the Uranium and this was in the article i posted. But the costs was in RS Core and the conversion from that to US Dollars was not easy.

So I did the conversion and also checked the upper level of purity (which was “85 percent” pure) and compared that to the purity of US nuclear weapons grade Uranium 235 (which is 93 percent). Now it has to be said that the Indian article did not specify U235 or U238 but when judging purity of Uranium it is valued at the amount of U235 with the rest being the more common U238. So it was looking likely we were talking nuclear weapons grade uranium but with a slightly lower value than the US standard…..”

A Special Team To Secure The Bengali Republic Day Parade From Nuclear And Chemical Threats

Highly Enriched Uranium, a Dangerous Substance that Should Be Eliminated
“….Furthermore, it is more difficult to detect by technical means. Therefore, in comparison to plutonium, HEU is much easier to divert, smuggle and hide. Moreover, a crude nuclear explosive made of HEU can be constructed in a much simpler way than one made using plutonium. For these reasons, HEU is the material most wanted by terrorists. A few tens of kilograms are sufficient for one explosive, but the quantities existing in the world add up to hundreds of tons…..”

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