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Mordechai Vanunu Israeli nuclear whistleblower still not freed from captivity after 31 years! As UN ignores transparency on nuke program!


It is coming up to 31 years since Mordechai Vanunu was dramatically kidnapped in Italy for his part in letting the world know about Isreals nuclear bomb activities. The information was known about by the UK and USA at the very least.

Since then groups like the IAEA have discovered that Isreal will not co-operate on the safety of its nuclear program and a recent push for Isreali transparency on this issue is underway by alternative media.

A recent resolution was beaten back (in December 2015)  by pro nuclear countries but the game is on for the IAEA to push for transparency Arclight aka Shaun McGee

Here is a brief plea for help and statement Mordechai made after todays “final”court session in Tel Aviv concerning his bid for freedom and justice;

Nothing Changes,today the court heard my appeal, asking the the 3 judges to intervene to allow me to leave this country.

The israel government  via its lawyers repeated the same accusations “that I am a security risk for them because of all the nuclear secrets from 35 years ago”.

The court will make its decision in the coming weeks. No change as I continue to wait for;

Freedom Now!

Time spent in prison and under house arrest 1986-2017 Mordechi Vannunu 30 January 2017

Israel Must Now Open Its Nuclear Program to IAEA Inspection, or Face Sanctions

Iran has currently met its obligations to the IAEA under the 2015 US-­led agreement with the UN and now IT is the time for Israel to submit its nuclear program to UNSC inspection or face international sanctions. The imperative is for:

1. The Negev Nuclear Research Center at Dimona to be fully opened to inspection by the IAEA and its estimated undeclared stockpile of up to 400 nuclear warheads be put under UN supervision for eventual destruction other than those required for legitimate defence purposes, estimated not to exceed five warheads (5) in total.

2. Israel’s capacity for uranium enrichment to be severely limited for a minimum of 15 years and that all its centrifuges in excess of 5000 to be dismantled under IAEA supervision

3. That all supplies of heavy water be shipped to the US or other approved recipient, apart from the minimum required for legitimate medical isotopes

4. That inspections teams from the IAEA continuously monitor all Israeli nuclear sites and to verify all fissile materials thereupon.

5. That the state of Israel to become a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) with immediate effect.

The timescale for all such specified actions to be approved by the United Nations Assembly in General Session.


The original source of this article is Global Research
Copyright © Anthony Bellchambers, Global Research, 2016

‘Great victory’? Israeli nuclear program resolution voted down by IAEA

A resolution calling for the inspection of Israeli nuclear sites has been defeated at the IAEA General Conference, with Tel Aviv, which led an intensive campaign against the Arab states’ proposal, hailing the result of the vote as a “great victory” in the international arena.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) General Conference voted 61-43 against the resolution put forward by Egypt and backed by Turkey, Syria, Iran, Libya, and Iraq, as well as Russia, China. And South Africa.

The resolution called for the international monitoring of the Israeli nuclear reactor in Dimona which is suspected of developing fissile material for Israel’s alleged nuclear arsenal that poses “a permanent threat to peace and security in the region.”

Israel’s long term allies such as the US, some EU members, Australia, Japan South Korea and Canada voted against the motion calling for nuclear inspection. Tel Aviv and pro-Israel states worked endlessly behind the scenes to sway the votes in Israel’s favor on the subject of “Israel’s nuclear capabilities” ahead of the IAEA vote.

Foreign Ministry bans contact between diplomats, local press

Prohibition issued following leak about Arab states’ decision to refrain from crackdown on Israel’s nuclear program
By Stuart Winer August 18, 2016

…….The prohibition came after Haaretz reported earlier in the day that Arab states were planning, during the upcoming general conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency in September, to refrain from an annual vote on monitoring Israel’s nuclear program.

The information was leaked to Haaretz by Foreign Ministry officials, who put the development down to the recent warming of ties between Israel and Egypt.

According to a senior source in the Foreign Ministry, Gold was furious over the leak and called an urgent meeting, after which a communication was sent to all Foreign Ministry employees in Israel and abroad detailing the new procedures……..

Israel presents: Rays of Hope

Israel Atomic Energy Commission highlights its work in nuclear applications at the IAEA General Conference in Vienna.

Contact Editor

Arutz Sheva Staff, 28/09/16 03:12

….The pavilion, entitled Rays of Hope, presents the work of the State of Israel in the field of nuclear applications. This is the first time that Israel has made an international presentation in this area.

The Israeli pavilion highlights innovative research capabilities and their uses in various nuclear-related fields for educational, scientific and agricultural purposes, as well for the production of clean energy…..

….”The Israeli developments in the nuclear field have led to ‘Rays of Hope’ and have inspired many people. In nuclear science we are exporting essential know-how and equipment for medical treatment, agriculture, security and safety around the world….


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