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UK nuclear groups whinging like F&^K!! UK Government tries to defend itself against nuclear compensation claims regardless!

I am reposting this as Facebook is seriously filtering some of the stories I am sharing. please share this important article that digs a little deeper into the EURATOM and BREXIT story that the main stream media do not understand or unwilling to explain to the public The UK government has acted even though ALL the pro nuclear groups have made representations to not leave EURATOM. And WHY? you should be asking! Some information that will guide your opinion on this issue on this article (in case readers here missed it ) Arclight2011 aka Shaun McGee

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The pro nuclear organisations are panicking and showing symptoms of Brexitphobia (such as whining) as the UK prepares to withdraw from Euratom Treaty and are pulling out all the stops to reverse the situation. In the article below from the Weinberg Next Nuclear Foundation they even claim that leaving Euratom is not necessary even if the UK commits to Brexit. Research foundations and even anti nuclear assessments are included in their press release below.

The question is why is the UK are leaving the treaty? One reason could be that according to the new EU radiation protection legislation just being enacted by the German Government which rolls all the present legislation into one law and next year it will include making parts of the Euratom treaty Legal and binding.

A second point to note is that a new “Medical Physics Expert” (MPE) position has been accepted and that this will…

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  1. I am going to continue whining until the mess created by Brexit vote is cleared up. People were misled by a group of very suspect people. It is not just the nuclear industry but the wider issues on trade, freedom of movement and reducing carbon emissions.

    Comment by genshijin | February 18, 2017 | Reply

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