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Why is India and Pakistan hurriedly sharing nuclear information? ISIS with nukes?


ISLAMABAD/NEW DELHI: India and Pakistan exchanged a list of their nuclear installations on Sunday, a measure which is a part of the treaty signed between the two countries since 26 years. 

January 02, 2017

As part of the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations between India and Pakistan, the two nuclear-armed neighbours exchanged a list of each other’s nuclear installations on Sunday. The exchange was done through proper diplomatic channels in New Delhi and Islamabad.

“India and Pakistan today exchanged, through diplomatic channels simultaneously at New Delhi and Islamabad, the list of nuclear installations and facilities covered under the Agreement on the Prohibition of Attack against Nuclear Installations between India and Pakistan,” read an official statement from the Indian External Affairs Ministry.

Sunday marked the 26th such exchange of list between India and Pakistan, who have both honoured the agreement since it was signed on December 31, 1988 and came into force on January 27, 1991. The first exchange of list took place in January 01, 1992. The treaty binds both nations to inform each other of their nuclear installations and facilities that will be covered under the agreement on January 1 of each calendar year.

Relations between both nuclear armed neighbours are tense since Indian security forces committed atrocities in occupied Kashmir after the killing of freedom fighter Burhan Wani. After Wani’s killing, thousands of protesters in held Kashmir took to the streets and protested against the Indian government, who resorted to opening fire and killing more than 80 unarmed protesters. Thousands were injured by the Indian security forces’ use of pellet guns.

Relations further suffered between the two states when 19 Indian soldiers were killed in the Uri attack. India blamed the incident on Pakistan, which Pakistan vehemently denied. Since the past couple of months, both countries have exchanged fire across the Line of Control and had to suffer casualties.


ISIS and nuclear Armageddon? – Exclusive to

December 24, 2016

“…Following the article (Link ref 1 below) I picked up from India and posted to, I shared it to Fukushima 311 Watchdogs (F311W) . As an Admin on F311 W I later checked the statistics and found a small number of posts not getting any hits. Its as though they were being blocked. I had discovered in 2013 that this was possible and did a video (Link ref 2 below) showing that evidence.

I then did a video (Link ref 3 below) showing the issue of the blocked posts on the Uranium story and also showed that the Uranium story was being ignored by all the western Main Stream Media and that Google was blocking the story About 5 hours after posting the video the Google block to the story became unblocked.

I then checked out the stats on the video (Screenshot ref 4 below) and saw that some parties in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were interested in that post. Also i noted that Pakistan came up on the stats earlier but with no observable clicks (maybe Pakistan Secret Service computer whizz kids were trying to cover their tracks?). It looks like ISIS are seeking and succeeding in their efforts to acquire nuclear materials

So, what did I conclude with on all this? Firstly a non story about Donald Trump was beginning to go “viral” and in this Post Truth world I wondered why? The USA and Russia had already said they would be renewing and expanding their nuclear weapons arsenal and also with “safer” mini nukes earlier on in the year.

The fact that many outlets in India were posting articles on the story led me to think that the western Trump Tweet story was being manufactured to hide the Indian story that was going viral there….”


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