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Space a sustainability solution – Part 2: Living on the high frontier


lunar_clong Figure 1: A future space colony?

In the previous post on this topic I outlined the general problems regarding space propulsion. In this article I’ll be looking at the problems of living and working in space, and the logistical challenges that this presents.

Motivations and costs

In the table below is a list of current metal and commodity prices.

table_metals Table 1: A list of key commodities which might be of interest to space miners in the future and their present day market price

To mine such resources from space would mean moving tens of thousands of tonnes of mining equipment to space. Its worth just looking at the spec’s for one or two of these machines and try to imagine how difficult and expensive it would be to re-locate such equipment to the moon or an asteroid. Even at launch costs in the order of a few hundred per kg

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  1. NASA does some of the only interesting radiation research for its proposed trips to Mars. It seems that black mold is about the only thing which will grow in the high radiation levels. And, that people will go insane due to the high radiation levels. It makes me laugh for I think that is where the elites plan to go once they have destroyed planet earth. They will be eating black mold and stuck in a space-ship and insane – of course they already are that. It will be worse than Sartre’s hell in “No Exit” (Huis Clos).

    Comment by miningawareness | October 31, 2016 | Reply

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