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By Robert Hunziker

Global warming/climate change is one of the most potent agents of political and economic change in history. Its impact is like Atilla the Hun in modern times, who back in the day struck terror into the hearts of the Roman Empire.
As of recent, Europe has been inundated with refugees from Middle Eastern wars as well as refugees from ecosystem collapse all across the southern Mediterranean region. The refugee impact is felt far and wide, including Brexit and a concomitant rise of xenophobia throughout the West whilst altering politics towards antagonism, hatred, and malevolence. The world is turning mad, and madness turns to madman leaders, like Attila the Hun. In point of fact, world history is filled with examples of madmen leading countries, ultimately to demise. They prey upon foreign threats of change to lifestyle and work to motivate people. Climate change is providing plenty of material…

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October 28 Energy News



¶ “Guess Which Big EU Country Might Have Blackouts This Winter?” • At present, 21 of France’s 58 nuclear reactors are offline. The country’s power prices have skyrocketed, as have imports. Power from fossil fuel is increasing, and the country has now postponed its plans to implement a floor price on carbon. [RenewEconomy]

The Blayais nuclear power plant in France (photo by Pierre-Alan Dorange, edited, CC BY-SA 3.0) The Blayais nuclear power plant in France
(photo by Pierre-Alan Dorange, edited, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Science and Technology:

¶ Southern Spain will be reduced to desert by the end of the century if the current rate of greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked, researchers have warned. With anything less than extremely ambitious and politically unlikely carbon emissions cuts, ecosystems in the Mediterranean will change dramatically. []


¶ French utility Engie announced it is now offering contracts for renewable electricity at no additional cost to new residential and small business customers. Engie aims…

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US NRC PR Person Lazy or Engaged in Cover-up of the Offline Status of Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor 2

Mining Awareness +

By now, this whole TVA-Watts Bar Nuclear Reactor Unit 2 saga is past degenerating into farce. It is still offline and no official explanation. A pro-nuclear blogger supposedly calling up the TVA PR person to get an explanation is emphatically not a replacement for an official report. It simply makes the situation even more patently absurd.

What did the US NRC conclude in March, about which they are soon having a meeting? “The NRC has determined there is sufficient evidence to support the existence of an environment within the Operations Department where your employees do not feel free to raise safety concerns to your management because they fear retaliation and do not feel that their concerns are being addressed. Our concern is heightened by information that indicates undue influence and direction of licensed operators from sources external to the control room affected operational performance. We are concerned an environment…

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Space a sustainability solution – Part 2: Living on the high frontier


lunar_clong Figure 1: A future space colony?

In the previous post on this topic I outlined the general problems regarding space propulsion. In this article I’ll be looking at the problems of living and working in space, and the logistical challenges that this presents.

Motivations and costs

In the table below is a list of current metal and commodity prices.

table_metals Table 1: A list of key commodities which might be of interest to space miners in the future and their present day market price

To mine such resources from space would mean moving tens of thousands of tonnes of mining equipment to space. Its worth just looking at the spec’s for one or two of these machines and try to imagine how difficult and expensive it would be to re-locate such equipment to the moon or an asteroid. Even at launch costs in the order of a few hundred per kg

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California Drought To Enter 6th Year, Colorado River States Struggle to Avert Water Crisis, Southeast Drought Worsens


Around the world, global warming is starting to have a serious impact on rainfall in the subtropics and middle latitudes. The tropical atmospheric circulation known as the Hadley Cell is expanding toward the poles. This expansion is causing clouds and storms to move further north. And as a result, regions in the middle latitudes are starting to dry out.

According to The World Resources Institute:

A changing climate means less rain and lower water supplies in regions where many people live and much of the planet’s food is produced: the mid-latitudes of the Northern and Southern hemispheres, including the U.S. Southwest, southern Europe and parts of the Middle East, southern Africa, Australia and Chile.

Such a fundamental shift in global weather patterns due to human-caused climate change is expected to reduce the food and water security of numerous nations. The World Resources Institute recently warned that food…

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