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TEPCO Continues Injecting Concrete and a Soil Solidification Substance in Areas of the Frozen Wall

TEPCO also continues to inject concrete and a soil solidification substance in areas of the frozen wall that have been resistant to proper freezing.

Groundwater levels inside the reactor areas has been on the rise due to more success freezing the sea side section of the wall.

Therefore, application of supplementary methods at 80-13S continues.” Efforts to cement sections of the land side wall have begun and will take place through October.

They asked the NRA again within the last week for permission to freeze the remaining sections of the land side frozen wall sections.

TEPCO states that they have frozen 95 percent of the land side section of the wall.

TEPCO published a new report on the frozen wall dated September 29.

Another typhoon may hit Fukushima prefecture this week, if it does it may cause further problems with the frozen wall.

There was also a concerning note buried later in the report related to a section where they had used concrete to block the water flow.

So the concrete work just caused the water flow to divert to another part of the wall.


Progress of Landside Impermeable Wall freezing: Phase 2 of the first stage

The purpose of the Landside Impermeable Wall construction lies not in freezing soil to form an underground wall but in keeping groundwater fromflowing into the reactor/turbine buildings and preventing new contaminated water from being generated.

By closing less than 95 percent of the mountainside of the Landside Impermeable Wall inPhase2 of the first stage, it is expected that the amount of groundwater flowing into the areas around the reactor/turbine buildings will be reduced. This will help keep groundwater from being contaminated during the first stage.

Throughout the first stage, how freezing of the Landside Impermeable Wall has progressed will be checked by monitoring thedifference in groundwater levels inside and outside of the wall and the amount of groundwater pumped up by the subdrain and groundwater drainsystems and the well point system.


icewall 4 oct 2016.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 1.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 2.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 3.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 4.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 5.jpgicewall-4-oct-2016-6icewall 4 oct 2016 7.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 9.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 10.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 11.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 12.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 13.jpgicewall 4 oct 2016 14.jpg

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