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EnerSys Warned of Potential (Emergency) Battery Failures at Nuclear Power Stations as Hurricane Hermine Threatened Numerous Nuclear Power Stations

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Hermine Forecast ca 000 UTC Sept 2nd with Nuclear Power Stations
Hurricane Hermine Tract Prediction Overlay with Nuclear Power Stations (Orange Skulls). Although non-operating since 2009, Crystal River Nuclear Power Station still has spent fuel in a cooling pool.

On Sept. 1st, 2016 EnerSys notified the US NRC of potential battery failures at nuclear power stations apparently due to how their batteries interact with the nuclear power station connections. Why are they trying to absolve themselves of responsibility? Why are they not working with their customers, the nuclear utilities, to make sure that this integral part of nuclear reactor safety works? Batteries are needed as emergency backup power. Did the timing have to do with Hurricane Hermine entering the Gulf of Mexico, where it threatened numerous nuclear power stations?

According to the US DOE: “When an earthquake or other emergency disrupts normal power supplies at a nuclear power plant, a backup power system must be available for controlling…

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