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September 4 Energy News



¶ “Trump’s Fossil-Fueled Ambitions Are Totally Out of Step With Economic Trends” • Considering how much he brags about his business acumen, shouldn’t Donald Trump do a better job of keeping up with economic trends? Instead of looking to the future, Trump is wallowing in nostalgia for coal mining. [AlterNet]

Why stop at coal. We could bring back manual typewriters! Stage Coaches! Photo Credit: Max Goldberg / Flickr CC Why stop at coal? We could bring back manual typewriters! Slide
rules! Whale oil for lamps! Photo Credit: Max Goldberg / Flickr CC

¶ “Ohio must return to innovative roots to develop clean energy” • A global revolution in the world of energy generation and distribution is increasingly gaining momentum. Change is happening at the speed of a wind turbine’s blade tip. If America wants to keep up, we’re going to have to pick up the pace. [Crain’s Cleveland Business]

¶ “Why Natural Gas Could Be the Bridge Fuel to Nowhere” • Increasingly, knowledgeable people argue it’s…

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EnerSys Warned of Potential (Emergency) Battery Failures at Nuclear Power Stations as Hurricane Hermine Threatened Numerous Nuclear Power Stations

Mining Awareness +

Hermine Forecast ca 000 UTC Sept 2nd with Nuclear Power Stations
Hurricane Hermine Tract Prediction Overlay with Nuclear Power Stations (Orange Skulls). Although non-operating since 2009, Crystal River Nuclear Power Station still has spent fuel in a cooling pool.

On Sept. 1st, 2016 EnerSys notified the US NRC of potential battery failures at nuclear power stations apparently due to how their batteries interact with the nuclear power station connections. Why are they trying to absolve themselves of responsibility? Why are they not working with their customers, the nuclear utilities, to make sure that this integral part of nuclear reactor safety works? Batteries are needed as emergency backup power. Did the timing have to do with Hurricane Hermine entering the Gulf of Mexico, where it threatened numerous nuclear power stations?

According to the US DOE: “When an earthquake or other emergency disrupts normal power supplies at a nuclear power plant, a backup power system must be available for controlling…

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September 3 Energy News



¶ “Why smart utilities are embracing distributed electricity” • The growth of distributed energy generation, particularly in the form of solar energy, leaves the aging, monopolistic electric utility system a daunting choice: Defense of the status quo or accepting a clean energy future. []

One of the biggest challenges in cutting the use of fossil fuel. Image: Shutterstock Reducing fossil fuel use is a challenge. Image: Shutterstock.

Science and Technology:

¶ At Yellowstone Park, the question of how to respond to climate change doesn’t yield an easy answer, with warming temperatures, decreasing snowpacks, longer fire seasons, and disappearing food sources for animals. Each means something different and requires a different response. []

¶ Over recent decades, the US has seen a dramatic rise in the number of extreme winter temperature events at opposite ends of the country. According to a new study, the ‘warm West, cold East’ temperature gap is growing, and is likely driven greenhouse gas emissions. [Daily…

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Climate and Nuclear Threats – this week’s news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

NUCLEAR.  It is generally acknowledged that the risk of nuclear war is greater right now than it was at the height of the Cold War, and that includes the risk of a nuclear war started by accident.  Some “nuclear umbrella” States feel trapped by their nuclear weapons protection.

CLIMATE. It is also becoming acknowledged that the tipping point is approaching, might even be upon us already. Unprecedented pace of global climate change – NASA. $8.8 Trillion Climate Tab left for next generation, if climate “business as usual”.

Governments, media, the public still see these issues in terms of “national interest”, but haven’t made that necessary leap of understanding that demands a global  collaborative approach. Pope Francis gets it. So do those most sober and deliberative of scientists – geologists. At the  International Geological Congress in Cape Town, on 29th August, an official expert group recommended that a new geological epoch be defined – the Anthropocene epoch.  Human impact on Earth is so profound that the most recent epoch, the 12,000 year Holocene, must give way to an epoch defined by nuclear tests, environmental pollution, and changing climate. The most appropriate commencement marker would be the spread of radioactive elements from the nuclear bomb tests beginning in 1950s.


NUCLEAR. An awful lot in the media about marketing of nuclear reactors, especially to South Asia. China’s aggressive nuclear marketing is causing it some problems.

UK. PM Theresa May to be pressured at G20, by China, to approve Hinkley nuclear power project. Chinese build nuclear project at Bradwell, Essex, UK might be postponed. Great danger in air transport of nuclear wastes: anger in Aberdeen.



USA.  Legal challenges to New York nuclear power subsidies.  Watts Bar nuclear reactors shut down indefinitely, following transformer fire. Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant to shut down permanently on October 24.

NORTH KOREA‘s  grandiose plans for ‘nuclear backpack’ squad, and giant submarine.

SOUTH KOREA  worried about North Korea, plans its own Missile Defense System

PHILIPPINES   bishop, climate movement, oppose revival of mothballed nuclear plant

ISRAEL under pressure from UN to ratify nuclear test ban treaty.

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