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German Activists Protest Transport of German Nuclear Waste Across Germany and to America, while Americans Sleep

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While German activists protest the possible transport of German nuclear waste across Germany and to America for processing and probable burial, what are most Americans doing?
Actor Joseph Jefferson as Rip van Winkle, photographed by Napoleon Sarony in 1869
Wake up America! Wake up!
Ahaus to Charleston
Last Saturday, some Germans protested the potential movement of nuclear waste from Juelich to Ahaus and possibly on to America. However, the larger amount of German nuclear waste, which may get sent to America, is already at Ahaus.
May 22 2016 Anti-Castor transport protest NRW Germany
It’s truly absurd that most Americans are depending on Germans to protect America from German nuclear waste. As Bernie Sanders’ clear lack of qualms about sending Vermont radioactive waste to be buried in Texas shows, most people are happy to get shot of the waste from their area. And, don’t care what happens to it afterwards. Even Bernie is too foolish to see that waste buried out west may land on top of Vermont, after it blows up. Willingness to shut…

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