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Radioactivity at buried tank up in Daiichi plant



The operator of the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant says the level of radioactivity near one underground wastewater tank at the plant is more than 100 times earlier readings.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says the tanks were built 3 years ago to store highly radioactive wastewater produced within the crippled plant. But all of the tanks soon went out of use due to repeated leaks of contaminated water.

The utility pumped most of the water out of them, but has been checking radioactivity levels of groundwater near the tanks.

On Wednesday, equipment detected 8,100 becquerels of beta-ray-emitting radioactive substances per liter of water. On Thursday, it went up to 9,300 becquerels.

A week ago, the level was only 87 becquerels.

TEPCO says it doesn’t know why the sharp rise took place. It says some highly radioactive water remains in the tank, but it is isolated with waterproof measures.

TEPCO says it will continue to analyze groundwater samples around the tank, and also compare them with data on the contaminated water left in part of the tank.


Very pertinent comments and photos from Ray Masalas regarding  the said “buried tank”:

I see the Japanese media is once again lying to protect Tepco. These were not tanks. They were in ground pools with sloped sides that were dug on site, lined with thin poly and filled with highly radioactive water. {See pic below} With a lining as thick as 2 garbage bags they leaked into the ground fast. Whether they transfered these tons of radioactive water to steel tanks or not, I’ll leave up to you to believe or not believe. At the same time they were building enclosed concrete ditches running down the west hill to sea. From the flyover footage I’d guess that there were about a dozen of these pits up on the west hill.


Sept 013. One of the tanks they spoke of..jpg

Sept 013. One of the “tanks” they spoke of.

empty pits magically got lids..jpg

After they said that the transferred the radioactive water to steel tanks these empty pits magically got lids. My guess is that they dumped then refilled.

The enclosed concrete ditches running down to the sea were built at the same time. Dec 013.jpg

The enclosed concrete ditches running down to the sea were built at the same time. Dec 013


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