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Nuclear fallout is far more toxic to the living environment than previously thought’

Nuclear Radiation Is Far More Toxic to the Living Environment Than Previously Thought.  CodeShutdown March 20, 2016  ‘for reasons only partly understood, nuclear fallout is far more toxic to the living environment than previously thought’ That’s it in a nutshell

The fallout doesn’t seem to disperse to a level of non toxicity, as is commonly believed. Biological response seems to linger even after an element has decayed to very low levels, for reasons science has not adequately examined. It is known that animals can re-concentrate radioactive and non radioactive elements thousands and even millions of times, but science does not apply this knowledge adequately to risk factors. – See more at:

The in-use risk model is outdated and should be replaced immediately. It was invented before the discovery of DNA and is an antiquated model based on false assumptions and faulty data. The newer models show that man made radioactive elements are 10 to thousands of times more toxic than assumed. These new models will also be outdated someday and its likely that many elements will be revealed as even more toxic. – See more at:

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