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Interview with Gordon Smith the Clairvoyant

On this podcast we interview Gordon Smith, the world renowned Clairvoyant.

Dedicated to the victims of the Japan Tsunami, Earthquake and nuclear disaster on the 5th anniversary of the tragedy in 2011

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“but the more human we get the less spiritual we get and the less connectivity we have to the planet; and the more we start to think we depend more on nuclear energy and oil then we don’t actually realise we serve the planet, we have no where to use these things and we wont have an existence, so we need to start being aware that the actual planet is a living being that produces life, constantly every year she gives us more ” – G. Smith 2016

First we decided to talk about the issue of the surveillance state and possible impacts to confidentiality issues with clairvoyants, counsellors and healers in the spiritualist community


He began by saying that he would not do a reading on the phone due to possible surveillance on such devices. He also said that even in his work he would not hold on to any information in his mind as he feels that honour requires that the messages he gives are to the individual concerned and not his business. He is only giving a message to the bereaved from the spirit world and his role in this is only temporary.

He also mentioned mediums who are trying to find Maddie McCann and he thought that such a reading would be only justified if the parents themselves asked for such a reading. Underpinning the personal nature of communication with Spirit and loved ones who are trying to contact them. He also said that using such gifts without such a personal connection was not correct.

“people doing it for their own end , which is non spiritual, when people are using that information to further their own career or gain money or in this day and age with the technical side where they are grabbing everyone’s information, how spirit would have a say on that, I don’t know, but I think it would be down to the individual and your conscience as how it would be , is it right or is it not? Part of my practice as a medium is to be self aware, so being self aware tells you , that doesn’t feel right to share that stuff or to nick somebodies information”

“In such a sensitive case I would never want to go near that case (Maddie McCann) unless the parents themselves asked , once again it comes back down to their willingness or their need if they felt that was an option then i would have a go to try and help the family.”

He then said that other people who contact the police are wrong and the information is a load of rubbish. And they mislead the police .

“Its a wrong thing to try and tune into to somebodies life because thats intrusive, if someone doesn’t ask for a reading then no one should be volunteering information to them”

I mentioned that the fact that there was no success from mediums who have tried that might point to the fact that the spirit world would not allow such a thing. Gordon then went on to say that;

“They absolutely wouldn’t and one of the reasons I say that, is I have worked on many cases like the the Maddie McCann case and some I have got absolutely nothing Shaun and that tells me spirit are not willing to give up information .” … “ sometimes I would get very accurate information to help the situation and other times you get absolutely nothing” … “ sadly for the Maddie case I was asked by people to do it and not by the family, and to me, as long as they have nothing from a medium that their kid is not any longer living in this world, then they still have hope, and who is anybody to take that away without being asked? I think that is quite a horrible thing”

Gordons new book is on the bereavement of siblings and was sourced from childrens hospices. The book is aimed at children but has been well received by adults who have had previews. It is an emotional roller coaster of a read.

Jimmy then brought the issue that Gordon was talking about everyone having a six sense. He mentions the psychological longing people have for a lost one but says there is a difference when a person has an other worldly experience. Such as vivid dreams where a hand is touched and felt or similar strong associations. Gordon believes that this type of dream is likely to be a spiritual connection and synchronicity incidents in waking life could also be from spirit also. He does say that the sixth sense is very misunderstood because people try to use this sense constantly and think spirit can solve all their problems which would be against natural law. He also points out that man has always tried to contact his ancestors since man has been on this planet.

Jimmy points out that some people seem to go mad and immerse themselves in the occult. Gordon replied that the first thing he does when teaching the subject is to take the mysticism out of mediumship and points out to his students that the mind can draw them into an unreal world and he encourages them to stay grounded and to stay in the real world. He points out that if you stay in the lower thinking mind that that is where you would find hauntings and things like that.

“ There is no such thing as a haunted house guys, there are only haunted people” he said.

Gordon said that formal spiritualists churches grade and vet the prospective mediums and healers and that they are in safe grounded environments.

“there is nothing to fear but fear its self”

Gordon and the Scientists

We then discuss Gordons interaction with scientists, specifically Prof. Archie Roy from Glasgow University who wrote some papers on Gordons unique abilities and the renowned sceptic Prof Chris French from Goldsmiths University London. Gordon then goes on to say that he has been around scientists from a young age and Archie Roy was his sons lecturer and this has helped his perception on how the spirit world connects with ours. He goes on to say that the spirit world will be proven through science in the same way that radiation can be seen with “a Geiger counter”.

From his experience he feels different atmospheres or energies and he thinks that these will be able to be analysed and then goes on to recount a recent experiment with technology that is used for prosthetic limbs where a researcher hooked himself up to a computer and was able to project into the computer his thoughts. On the issue of religion he said that;

“Romanticism or feelings can kill fact” and therefore the scientific method is how the physical evidence will be generated.

“I would in my lifetime love to see something factual that is recorded through science.”

On healing Gordon mentions that healing is very regulated. He mentions healers in the past who could literally see into the body, but today he said that there are so many healers that it is heavily regulated and monitored and he said that where there are natural healers born to it, that he hoped that these healers would be tested and real data gathered as to the abilities they have such a diagnosis. Some blind tests on natural healers that have been done have shown some promise.

We then go onto restrictions with psychics in Europe and Gordon thinks that these are really aimed at unregulated phone line psychics, magazine psychics and didn’t effect professional organisations in Europe.

“I was offered 8 million dollars to do phone lines in America, 8 million dollars! To take phone calls, use my name and my face as the clairvoyant you can phone .. but its not ethical”

He goes on to say that only a few of the mediums that take part in that business are actually genuine. He then said that in the UK the witchcraft act was changed to the fraudulent mediums act and by inference that met there was genuine mediums. A new law (the consumer protection act) that was brought in dampened that inference down though. He said that it doesn’t matter if you are a genuine medium . He also says that many of his colleagues work for the churches for free allowing donations or charges to go to the churches and organisations to keep them going.

Darren Brown debunking fraudulent mediums

On Darren brown setting up readings using body language, pre researching sitters and other psychological techniques Gordon said that he was happy that Darren was showing how fraudulent mediums might work but real mediums can give information not readily available on the internet or by other techniques. Gordon said that to find a good reliable medium that they can be sourced in spiritualists churches or by using the internet with reliable sources.


Jimmy brings up issues around the Fukushima disaster and the BP oil spill as well as general damage that man is doing to the planet. Gordon mentions that humans have become more technical and have moved away from their spiritual values ..

“We are bleeding the planet of its oil, its blood if you like”

He said that man will live with the effects that he has caused himself and the rights and wrongs of it will come out.

“but the more human we get the less spiritual we get and the less connectivity we have to the planet; and the more we start to think we depend more on nuclear energy and oil then we don’t actually realise we serve the planet, we have no where to use these things and we wont have an existence, so we need to start being aware that the actual planet is a living being that produces life, constantly every year she gives us more ”

He goes on to say that the fear of losing things we are comfortable with (especially with the younger generation) and general fear of our situation may be the trigger that helps us to change because that fear the planet feels for the damage caused is feeding back to us all.. He talks about Karma for those that are responsible also.

Gordon on activism

Gordon says that we “should wake up and smell the karma” and thinks that activists are doing a good thing and are compassionate but they are at risk because

“The powers that be are not ready to tell the public what is really going on”

On Gay rights .

Gordon thinks that in the UK and Scotland the battle is largely won and in 10 years this will be a non issue and that the real battles were fought and won in the 1950`s 60`s and 70`s . Some work needs to be though in terms of civil partnership and law.

London Spiritualism Mission

On the changing face of UK spiritualism. He sees that the Christian church model format is a bit old fashioned for modern people. And he rates the teaching classes as a good way forward teaching the helping with others and learning counselling to support damaged people better. There is a cry for change and Gordon said that this would happening naturally. His church in Pembridge has an eclectic mix with a wide range of cultures and is popular.

Gordon and the media

Alot of journalists have interviewed Gordon and they initially approach him with some scepticism but as they see how he works (the quality of his readings) and his natural pleasant personality they all seemed to leave with a better view on his work.

Link to Gordons website and book links here;

Link to the London Spirtualist Mission

Youtube link version of podcast here;

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