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Fukushima iodine 131 risk hidden from us! Same as Flint Michigan

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Given the fact that Racheal Maddow who in a recent report mentioned that the Authorities in Flint Michigan, who let people know that the drinking water  of the city was full of chemicals and Lead Pb  in October 2015 (because of local activism and pressure), had actually warned the government staff in Flint of this and even delivered clean water sources to the offices a whole year before the public statement. (recent levels peaked at 4000 parts per million and the actionable limit is 15 parts per million)

 “does not meet treatment requirements” for state employees to drink, even as the Snyder administration was assuring Flint residents about the integrity of their water.


MOX fueled reactor 3 Explosion sends Iodine 131 to USA and Europe

I want to draw attention to a similar situation in the USA after the Fukushima nuclear disaster when high levels of Iodine 131 and other radionuclides were wafting their way to Europe. In Europe CRIIRAD had issued a warning on possible health effects in France and advised that children and Pregnant women should refrain from drinking milk and eating leafy vegetables. CRIIRAD also stated that the USA had ten times the level of radiation than France. The European Media did not run with the story nor did the US media, thus putting young children and Pregnant women at risk of increaing the amounts of iodine 131 they might have ingested or inhaled.

There are similar issues with the BP Gulf Oil disaster also covered by Charles Williams Digges, Maureen Dauphinee, Scott Porter and Trisha Springstead


Case n°F-2014-20439 doc N° C05780602 date 01/29/2016 This is an email from Edelman Martin to Mills Cheryl, D

Below is a document sent internaly by authorities in the USA to friends warning them of the problem and offering some practical steps to minimise the health risks;

“Radiation leak from the Fukushima reactor____(redacted)___Stay indoors if at all possible.”“The stuff travels far, very far”

“There is nothing, no events, no parties, sports, movies, etc that are worth getting exposure to radiation.”

“Wear a mask, and a hat if possible. Take a shower immediately after you return home and wash your clothes. Radioactive steam was released yesterday and continues today. It will likely be in the area now.”

“I won’t be going outdoors for awhile.”


Case n°F-2014-20439 doc N° C05780602 date 01/29/2016 This is an email from Edelman Martin to Mills Cheryl, D

the source for these documents can be found here;


h/t D`un Renard for confirmation

h/t Rob Soltsik for link to FOIA website


Cheryl D. Mills (born 1965[4][5]) is an American lawyer, administrator, and corporate executive. She first came into public prominence while serving as deputy White House Counsel for President Bill Clinton, whom she defended during his 1999 impeachment trial. She has worked for New York University as Senior Vice President,[6] served as Senior Adviser and Counsel for Hillary Rodham Clinton‘s 2008 presidential campaign,[7] and is considered a member of “Hillaryland“.[7] She served as Counselor and Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.[8]

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  1. Good information! It’s good to see what’s been known and yet hidden from us.

    Comment by DisappointedOne | April 8, 2016 | Reply

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