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November 24 Energy News



How Renewable Energy Could Make Climate Treaties Moot • Creating an international agreement is an admirable goal, but notably, countries are not racing to zero emissions on their own. It is amazing that no country has performed a study on the benefits and costs of going to 100% clean, renewable energy. [Scientific American]

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How Virtual Power Plants Can Help Replace Dirty Peaker Plants • A recent Wall Street Journal article highlighted a common problem: How to pay for aging, mostly coal-fired power plants whose only function is as backup for peak demand? One way is to combine distributed power and loads sources in a “virtual” power plant. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ Sooner than it takes to build a nuclear power station, lithium-air batteries could be helping wind and solar to make coal, oil and nuclear obsolete, according to researchers from the…

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Danger in transporting nuclear wastes: Dr Edwin Lyman at South Australia’s Royal Commission

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scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAIN

Dr Lyman’s evidence can be pretty heavy going for the non technical reader. First, he explained safety problems in standards for transportation casks for land or sea shipment of spent fuel, high-level radioactive waste and specially with materials like plutonium or plutonium oxide. These standards have not been updated over many decades, and the  USA Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has not yet carried out tests intended to address this problem.

If a transport package of radioactive material is lost in the ocean, it could lead to significant long term contamination, if the package is not retrieved.

With increased transport, and speed of transport,  of radioactive wastes, the risk of such accidents is increased, and the NRC would have confidence in the current standard for transporting wastes.

Apart from accidents, the other big danger is terrorism.


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Direct nuclear waste disposal better, and safer, than pyroreprocessing: Dr Edwin Lyman

Nuclear Australia

scrutiny-Royal-Commission CHAIN

In the second part of his evidence to South Australia’s Nuclear Royal
Commission, Dr Lyman explains that   direct disposal is the safest and the most prudent approach for nuclear power.  In recycling, as in pyroreprocessing, the risks outweigh the benefits.

Dr Lyman has studied pyroreprocessing in great detail. The fact that its products are highly radioactive does not act to deter thieves, especially those aiming to use these products for weapons proliferation.

Also, “the IEA is still struggling to provide even technical approaches for how you would  get weapons grade accountancy in pyroprocessing, and that’s a great concern”……”Many minor actinides that would be in the pyroprocessing product are also weapons useable “… “It’s also easy, if that combination were to be stolen, to separate out plutonium from the minor actinides”.

Lyman describes the pyroreprocessing process as an “unmanageable enterprise”. The United States decided not to pursue re-processing and fast reactors in the…

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Nuking clean energy: how nuclear power makes wind and solar harder


Average hourly load over a one-week period in January, April and July 2009. Credit B. Posner. Average hourly load over a one-week period in January, April and July 2009. Credit B. Posner.

This post first appeared on Power for the People, a blog focused on energy issues in Virginia, the home base of Dominion Resources–a company that is an industry laggard when it comes to renewable energy issues, and is still pursuing the possibility of building a third nuclear reactor at its North Anna site despite its costs projection of around $19 Billion, which would make it the most expensive nuclear project ever undertaken in the U.S. Those projections are not far off the costs anticipated for the UK’s highly controversial Hinkley Point reactor and, given the near-certainty of cost overruns and schedule delays, could go far higher if construction is attempted.

In this piece, Ivy Main explains–I think much more clearly than I have to date–exactly how deployment of expensive nuclear power (and baseload…

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I wish the Australian media would stop the lies about “medical” need for nuclear waste dump

Nuclear Australia


Australia’s mainstream media keep on repeating the same old lie about the “national nuclear waste dump being all about medical wastes.

It’s not. It’s about the highly radioactive wastes now being returned from France to the Lucas Heights nuclear site in Sydney. By contracts made long ago, Australia is obligated to take back spent nuclear spent fuel rods that were sent to France, UK and Argentina for processing. And this will continue to happen, as long as the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor is kept going.

Production of medical radioisotopes is not the major function of the reactor. And these medical isotopes are now being made much more safely in non nuclear cyclotrons – without all those problems of safety, of being a terrorism target, and of radioactive trash, and its dangerous transport.

Hospital medical wastes are overwhelmingly of short-lived radioactivity, and therefore well suited to disposal near the site of use. No…

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Locals are resisting Australian govt moves to put nuclear trash toilet in South Australia

Nuclear Australia

South Australia nuclear toilet

The indigenous group Adnyamathanha Camp Law Mob says while the property is governed by a perpetual lease, meaning no native title claim can be lodged over the area, Aboriginal heritage legislation does apply.

“We demand that the Federal Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg publicly declare who he has consulted regarding these nominations, and who has the authority to nominate these si­tes,” spokeswoman Jillian Marsh said in a statement.

Cortlinye and Pinkawillinie KIMBA is known as “the Gateway to the Gawler Ranges”. But some residents fear the township would become known as “the Gateway to the National Nuclear Waste Facility” should it be selected as the future site to store radioactive waste. Local farmers Toni Scott, Sue Woolford, Helen Harris and their families have vowed to fight any move to build the facility in their district.

“They’re saying this is a voluntary process but how is this voluntary?,” Mrs Scott said.

“We’re not volunteering…

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Wangan & Jagalingou Aboriginals join with Kiribati for climate action, and against coal

Nuclear Australia

Kiribati 15Wangan & Jagalingou leader in historic meeting with Kiribati president November 19, 2015 Joins president’s call for no new coal mines; seeks support to defend W&J’s rights and country

Wangan and Jagalingou (W&J) Traditional Owner, and senior spokesperson Adrian Burragubba, will this morning meet with President Anote Tong of Kiribati and offer support to his call for a global moratorium on new coal mines. The meeting will bring together for the first time two leaders of traditional peoples in the region vulnerable to the devastating impacts of coal mining and burning.

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What if 2 C isn’t enough to stop global warming damage?

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“43 nations home to a billion people banded together this month in a bloc called the Climate Vulnerable Forum, which is pushing for a 1.5 C cap over pre-Industrial Revolution levels, instead of 2 C.

“At the very least, they want to see the lower threshold included in the Paris agreement as an option.  It is not hard to see why.  The global thermometer has so far risen one degree, but already many nations are living a climate-addled nightmare.”  From:

GR:  Good article.  We all know that warming will not stop at 2C.  We also know that 2C means disaster for many ecosystems.

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How palm oil companies have made Indonesia’s forest fires worse

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

“Deforestation linked to palm oil has helped intensify massive forest fires in Indonesia and threatened endangered species – despite rules which should ensure deforestation for the global palm oil trade is limited.

“The evidence from an ongoing Greenpeace investigation comes as fires are finally dying down, thanks to heavy rain across the affected areas.

“The fires, which raged through Indonesia’s forest and peatlands for three months, were so vast that Indonesia emitted more carbon than China on several days this autumn – threatening global efforts to limit climate change.”  From:

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Interview with Libbe Halevy on the advantages of social media blogging and podcasts

This is a jam packed interview, full of interesting observations on the usefulness of social media in combating the Corprorate memes and PR driven disinformation found in most main stream media outlets. Delivered by experienced social media users and activists.

Link to Podcast or download link here;


Libbe Halevy has been a survivor of the 3 Mile Island nuclear disaster and found herself strongly drawn to the nuclear disaster after the Japanese nuclear meltdown in Japan at the Fukushima Daichi nuclear site. Since June, the first year of the nuclear disaster in 2011, she has been developing and creating anti nuclear activist news content, largely on her own, that has helped activists fight the memes and arguments of the many pro nuclear bloggers and commenters on the web.

Libbe commented that her main points of encouragement were to document the nuclear industry and its disasters and we discussed the posibilities of activists to use this information to promote activists groups who need crucial data for their petitons and local pressure organisations campaigns etc.

Libbe commented that she believes in solutions based activism.

She has travelled a Rocky road, like many activists, and she gives us a brief insight into this aspect of her life.



Her desire to get correct and substantiated information was mentioned. We discussed how news bloggers should look for credible opposition voices and use information with 2 or 3 sources if possible. She also pointed out that breaking stories needed to be treated carefully and time given to fully observe the real story.


Libbe informed us of her earlier life learning experiences coming to the fore in her new incarnation as a Radio news show host.

We look at the types of journalism that Libbe is invloved with and how that all developed. She discusses her first attempts at news gathering in a more main stream fashion but decided to go with left wing anti nuclear bias as a delivery mechanism for the news after being encouraged via social media.

We do dicuss some issues on nuclear topics and Libbe gives a very passionate description of her views and explains the need for a strong counter position to the massively funded pro nuclear machine.

Libbe is hoping to bring a Broadway style show, concerning nuclear issues in a small US town, to a theatre near you! . Showing another aspect of this incredibly talented lady.

Source link for cartoon pic above  of 5th Estate ;

Here is a link to Libbes excellent and informative podcast page;

Welcome to Nuclear Hotseat, the weekly international news magazine on all things anti-nuclear. Each week, we provide news, interviews, humor , commentary and perspective on all aspects of the nuclear issue. In continuous production since three months after the Fukushima disaster began in 2011, we are downloaded in 58 countries on six continents and have received as many as half a million downloads on a single episode. Feel free to search or browse our archive, click on links to back-up material and share what you find here with interested others.

Thanks for caring! –
Libbe HaLevy,

Ebook mentioned in the podcast;

Yes, I Glow in the Dark!: One Mile from Three Mile Island to Fukushima and Beyond Kindle Edition

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