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Herve Courtois regarding the Dana Durnford case – Freedom of speech – Is it ok to threaten individuals?


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This hour we are joined by Herve Courtois who is a prolific Anti-Nuclear Activist and blogger to discuss what is appropriate and what is not, when it comes to dealing with men and women who work for corporations. We are asking the question ” Is it reasonable to speak aggressively and in a threatening way to these individuals or is it more appropriate to attack the subject with room for the odd satirical snipe at individuals”.

A lot has been happening over the last few weeks. I have been called a troll. have you been called a troll too?

“Oh yes” he says in a rather cool tone as one who is well used to the term.

Should we support our Scientists even if we dont always agree with them?

Those Scientist that are qualified to bring us the data especially in the field of Marine Biology where there are maybe only 5 qualified scientists. So they need our support as much as we need them to bring out the facts. To attack these scientists is not constructive or productive. Herve sees it as our duty to reach out to these Scientists and work hand in hand with them.

Do you see it as our role as bloggers to act as a lobby?

We have to act on their individual conscionsciousness. they are human beings like us and one can wake them up. It has happened many time in the past.

How do you think the scientists could have responded in relation to Dana Durnford?

When you threaten them with violence and one may expect something coming back. Some of these bloggers have been threatening them and their families for a long time. they probably could no longer ignore it.

Herve continues with a list of names of Scientists who have been insulted by Dana Durnford and Kevin Blanch. Names like Dr Helen Caldicott, Arnie Gunderson, Chris Busby, Ken Westler and Tim Mousseau. Herve continues;

How can one insult Tim Mousseau? He works for us! He is bringing us the proof of the contamination!

Herve explains that Kevin Blanch is smarter because he doesn’t name names, where Dana is very pointed with his threats.

Jimmy joins in stating that we need to careful about attacking a race or individual. He states there is a lesson also to be learned from the Dana case, in that it can be used as an example of why one should be careful with our language to others. Jimmy and Shaun make some comparisons with the Chris Spivey case where Chris found himself in a similar situation concerning the Lee Rigby case.

Herve then says Dana’s work is not entirely non-constructive. Herve says Dana has awoken an interest in people concerning the Fukushima disaster, but that he didn’t like his sensationalist and threatening behaviour. Herve explains; that being the father of a potential Fukushima victim he doesn’t like the pro-nuclear shills (some names mentioned) but he also doesn’t like the sensationalist! The truth he believes is the only way to help the people affected by these disasters and help the anti-nuclear cause.

Herve says one has to view this both ways. First thing a person does when they have loved ones in a disaster zone after hearing sensationalist videos or articles is the panic involved, ringing contacts to see if there are any radiation spikes and ringing family to check with family if they are ok, so sensationalist posts can actually be heartbreaking.

Herve explains how YouTube is the worst culprit because lots of sensationalist posts are popping up all the time but that any comment dis-proving the posted video are removed and he thinks this is dangerous.

Herve also says not everybody on Facebook or such places is a critical thinker and some may be unstable and some of these sensationalist posts could be dangerous for some people.

Shaun follows on by saying Dana is not really part, or head of the Anti-Nuclear movement and has insulted most the the Anti-Nuclear movement at times..

Herve then explains that Kevin and Dana are making money out of their blogging. That they get funding through donation. Herve believes they are milking the people.

Shaun surmises Dana shouldn’t go to prison for 10 years but will probably be told not to mention 3 people with some basic restrictions.

Herve explains some folk are into this from an Anti-Nuclear view. Some are into it as a pastime, but some people are into it to make money and sensationalist posts brings in high traffic. The problem is how can these people keep impartiality when the money is affecting their impartiality to do the news.

Herve rounds up with the following;

“When it comes to the Nuclear stick to the facts. We have a responsibility to stick to the fact to stick to the truth for the victims and the future victims. There is no place for imagination or ego’s. Facts are being hidden from us and we need to work hard to bring those facts out.”

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  1. Only five marine biologists in the world can figure out that the government and the agencies that the government we pay for …are lying you’re spending more time defending what words are used … just to determine that the world is ending…. fools the courts don’t work we would never been in this situation if the courts worked….. all about greed lying lawyers that become politicians the corporate bottom line …and hear you talk about this nonsense.. you’re higher academic?? there’s no damn commonsense left

    Comment by Fix it stupid | November 17, 2015 | Reply

    • “and hear you talk about this nonsense.. you’re higher academic?? there’s no damn commonsense left” As to the courts not working, it is a story we are covering in Ireland BUT there are many fair and just court cases with activists facing harsh sentencing in all countries.. you want to give up? “just to determine that the world is ending” , Well that is your free choice.. I and others hope to prove you wrong, even though some courts are indeed corrupt/unfair. Sister Megan Rice actually used her imprisonment and unfair trial to make a point.. And what a point (ref K Blanch..) .. Commonsense is not necesarily fact imo .. I will stick with fact checked sources (at least three independent sources preferably) .. Why didnt Dana use the reprted 2 geiger counters that he was given? why dint he not invest in one if this is not true? how can you prove a linkage with radiation withought SOME form of radiological measurement? of any sort? why do we not see the before and after pictures panned back so we can compare the topography? links for this evidence in case i missed them would be great but zero in on a couple of pictures that proves he is right.. out of 18,000 subscribers and thousands of pictures there should be some good before and after sets dont you think? Thanks for your comment FIS .. Look forward to having a reply.. Namaste!

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 17, 2015 | Reply

    • Keep supporting Dana and our shared world, thank you

      Comment by Paul | December 5, 2015 | Reply

  2. Should people make threats? Certainly not. However, in US free speech there is something called “true threat” vs. political hyperbole. While this is Canada it is still common law jurisdiction and they learn from each other. It is not legal code like France. One famous landmark case is where Medgar Evers threatened those blacks who broke the boycott in the Civil Rights movement. Also, a threat against LBJ by an activist during an anti-war demo. These were ruled political hyperbole. They were conditional statements too. Not so long ago the sort of hyperbole used by Evers was common speech. And, worse than what he said. They don’t generally mean what they appear to mean, but they are shocking for those who are not used to them. What makes good traditional story-tellers can cause trouble in multi-cultural context.

    Perhaps more than anything this is evidence against “live-streaming”. I think that Dana knows that this hyperbole is no longer acceptable but gets so angry on livestream he forgets, or doesn’t always clarify that he means they should be put on trial.

    Obviously a man in a wheel-chair can’t carry out any threats. I think that people should be more patient with Dana because he is in a wheelchair and has suffered greatly. I want to say “cut him some slack” but that might not be a known expression for all. Dana’s struggling to get out of bed each day and trying to help, and if he didn’t do it perfectly, who does? His disability was documented in mainstream media when he was trying to help musicians.

    If they are trying to get Dana on inciting civil unrest, then they are treading on dangerous grounds for any freedom at all. Anyone can be accused of that.

    I don’t think you or Herve or I know the Pacific like Dana does. I doubt that either of you have even lived in the US, either.

    Chris Busby’s and other research supports that sediments is the right place to test and not water.

    Any university student could do a better job than Buesseler and Cullen. Other labs to do radiation testing are rare, but they do exist. The lack of scientific methodology by Buesseler and Cullen is shocking, even given the corrupted, lamentable state of academia. It is also shocking that given their tainted funding that people would blindly accept their work. They are working for pro-nuclear governmental and non-governmental entities. Why are they charging so much for the testing? Why are they doing so little that it wouldn’t hold up in a basic methods or stats class? Nor is it random because they wait for people to send them money and a sample. That’s if they are even testing the right thing. Busby and old US gov research show they are not testing the right thing, or not all of the right things.

    Cullen is getting $630,000 funding and yet using volunteers to get the water and possibly charging them as Buesseler does.

    Where would a disabled person get money for the needed testing? The evidence that radiation creates this sort of damage is in old US government documents. If you want documents please go to the Mining Awareness blog. Dana has made clear that he has copyright problems for “before”.

    Peer reviewed articles, US gov, and mainstream media show something has been amiss in the Pacific for the last few years. This includes the “tide-pools”. Dana has been in a wheelchair for 15 years. It wasn’t so easy to make pictures back then. The only question is how or what for the Pacific.

    There is also a large cultural difference. Some is getting lost in translation. I haven’t figured out the “problem” between Busby and Kevin Blanch, but I suspect that even that is cultural misunderstanding, personality conflict, which should not be aired in public, but it’s an easy mistake to make. Also not understanding that people in different locations have different though related concerns.

    But, Blanch isn’t Dana. I never heard Dana criticize other anti-nuclear activists other than Gundersen, though he may have. Dana is too long-winded for me, so I doubt I’ve listened to one of his vids in their entirety.

    Dana only asked for money for his tour of the Pacific. He worked for free for years. Why shouldn’t people give him money if they want? Where is the tax boycott to cut off Cullen and Buesseler’s taxpayer monies? Where I differ is I think Dana should get a pro-bono lawyer, if possible, and only take money for paperwork, as Stephane Lhomme did.

    Fukushima isn’t the only “problem”. Blanch has reason to be concerned by the EnergySolutions dump in Utah, WIPP and other things. Japanese only eat 100 Bq of radiation in food. Americans are allowed 1500 Bq. Who should be worried? Was Blanch asking for money before he wanted to tour as a reporter? I don’t recall, but once again, no time to listen to these guys. However, people pay for CNN, why not pay them if they want to?

    Where I really think that things are getting lost in translation is use of the F word. In the context used by Blanch, I think that it sometimes means “don’t worry about what they are saying”. For instance, don’t worry about what the other activists said and think for yourself. That is not a criticism of the other activists per se. In some circles every other word is “F”. It is good though to be forced to recall other synonyms, which are less shocking to very elderly ladies who didn’t serve in the military.

    I am reminded of a French Canadian advertisement in the 1980s where they said “terrible, terrible” but it meant good in the context. This was a source of confusion and consternation for language learners. “Bad” also developed a double meaning around the same time.

    It think you once asked for money and maybe still are. Asking for money always looks questionable. But, nothing’s free. You aren’t forcing people to give you money and neither have they. My basic university degree, my masters degree, my DEA, and my Ph.D. cost a lot of money. I don’t live off of polluted air and water, but require food and shelter.

    Cullen and Buesseler types are why no one respects academics anymore.

    Now they aren’t available anymore, but if you watch Dana’s early blog it’s clear that it’s coming from a good heart. Herve also has a good heart.

    Her Majesty’s most big-mouthed and rebellious subjects were sent to the Americas, so there is bound to be a disconnect between those who kept their mouths shut and stayed. Even France emptied their prisons in the Americas.

    Comment by miningawareness | November 18, 2015 | Reply

    • Just to clarify, I don’t think that Herve has asked for money, but I think that the poster did in the past, when feeling that they needed to escape Britain and move to Ireland.
      Also, I meant early videos not blog.

      Comment by miningawareness | November 18, 2015 | Reply

      • “when feeling that they needed to escape Britain and move to Ireland.” .. indeed I did get help for accomadation and food for a short time about 2 years ago and this year asked for 500 euro for a laptoop and some equipment.. It might be pointed out that a small handful of people helped out finacially and a larger amount of people gave me moral support.. But i havent fund raised constantly and live a frugal existance.. In my hones opinion, Dana should not have done a public fund raiser before the court date accompanied by interviews because he is goading the courts and letting them know that he is getting funding for his case.. they will assess the fine according to his income, he will need to admit liability and and offer mitigating circumsances.. Why does he need a load of money for that? He should have waited for a fund raiser after the court date. He also should not be goading the court,, According to Dana on Rense last night , he has not seen any lawyers yet, he claims that all lawyers have been got at in Canada and are refusing to take the case on .. I find that hard to believe.. I think he doesnt like the sort of advice that i outlined above and is telling lies.. even Rense was surprised.. Multiple Killers can get Legal support but not Dana? just my take and thanks for your reply MA Namaste

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 19, 2015

  3. Hi Arclight. I mostly agree with you on the lawyers. Dana seemed to think that he should pay for a lawyer $48,000. I think that a lawyer who believed in the case would not need to be paid. Paying doesn’t guarantee they won’t sell out. I haven’t listened to Rense this week. But, Canada is like one big mining and oil town. (However, there are environmentalists and free-speech activists in BC.) Penny stock mining companies ARE often based out of BC. The penny stock rules are much more lax in Canada and that’s probably more important than mining itself. The importance of mining is very shocking because you can live there and not even notice. You can go to Uni there and not notice. I find it shocking that McGill U. was promoting asbestos is good for you up until recently – including when Cullen was there.

    I’m not in BC and don’t know other than that there is no protective status for the disabled and so I worry that Dana might not be properly cared for in jail and would be in danger. I think that if Dana wanted to walk the fine line of free speech then he shouldn’t expect for people to pay but if they think it’s an important educational tool and want to it’s their right. I think that he could represent himself with the help of a student lawyer even.

    It’s not always so easy to find a good lawyer as one would think, in my experience.

    I don’t think we can judge unless we are there.

    I was recently told that Dana’s computer was constantly hacked and destroyed. Like I said when I used to listen to him he wasn’t asking for money. He asked for his trip and then now for lawyers. Like Herve I always feel uncomfortable with people begging for money, but everyone’s really like a beggar these days, even at work.

    To me Buesseler’s big crime is scaring people from eating potassium rich foods like bananas, without which you drop dead because it is required for nerve function, including the heart. Cullen is Buesseler’s younger protege. The amount of radiation in natural potassium is very tiny and even Oak Ridge associated universities points out that due to homeostasis you won’t get more radioactive from eating it, unless it is unnaturally enriched. Potassium protects from cesium. He has scared people who should know better from bananas for anywhere from one week to one year!

    If not, I think Buesseler and Cullen are almost to be pitied. They are beggars themselves in the form of grant monies. I think that Buesseler sniffs because he knows he’s misleading people. Cullen may or may not know better. He appears an arrogant know it all, but it may be because he thinks he knows things he doesn’t.

    What I don’t get is all of these past-retirement people still promoting “hormesis” like Carol Marcus, Calabrese and Wade Allison.

    Dana did inspire someone to come up with a new water purification patent but Japan won’t let it on site at Fukushima. Those who won’t allow clean-up are the big criminals in my opinion.

    My ancestors always ran afoul of the British gov. Even one who was a Royalist got in trouble under Cromwell! West of Ireland was a wise move. I think that the UK, US and Canada are all under the thumb of the City of London. 🙂

    I think that everyone is contributing their part as best they can. We are all different, all unique and hopefully have a good impact in the end. We need to all be as nice to each other as possible and give each other the benefit of the doubt, as you so wisely taught me years ago.

    I know Herve was upset about some of the sensationalist reporting well-before this (probably Kevin Blanch). I lost a few nights sleep trying to think of something helpful, but did not.

    Lately rather than anger I mostly feel oceans of sadness for everyone.

    Continue to be blessed.

    Comment by miningawareness | November 19, 2015 | Reply

    • Oh, the smile is about running afoul of the British gov, not being under the thumb! I love upholding my ancestral tradition!

      Comment by miningawareness | November 19, 2015 | Reply

      • the west of ireland was a very good move.. I am working and rebuilding my life after the attacks in the UK .. I thought it would be harder but the Irish are way more tolerant of activists.. Namaste..

        Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 19, 2015

      • I am glad. It seems to be the best place to be in the entire world. Remember why Ireland is nuclear free. The Irish didn’t want to fight any more imperial wars and fought to get out from under British rule.

        Comment by miningawareness | November 19, 2015

    • thanks MA , that was very knid of you to say .. We do need to be tolerant of others viewpoints ,, “I think that everyone is contributing their part as best they can. We are all different, all unique and hopefully have a good impact in the end. We need to all be as nice to each other as possible and give each other the benefit of the doubt, as you so wisely taught me years ago. ”

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | November 19, 2015 | Reply

      • I want to add that it’s not always possible or easy. Because Christina Noel is so wonderful and we speak the same language we were able to overcome our misunderstanding. But, you made it possible. However, where it’s not possible we must try to ignore and move on. The person I believe a fraud is Jan Hemmer of Technorg. People can judge for themselves if it’s in their own language, but he mistranslated at least one German language video and he made accusations that the Swiss were illegally burning high level waste in a low level facility with no evidence. He frightened people Most things can be stuck in google translate. Videos can’t. I tried to get him to understand that this was a serious allegation and that he has to preface by he heard, believes, etc. I tried to get him to understand that it is important to distinguish if something is legal or illegal and a tripled water filtered facility vs. an almost unfiltered facility. There are a lot of bad nuclear facilities in the area that I think are of higher concern than the new one which tries to do things better (to the extent that can be done). I someone to get people to investigate the case too to see if it was legal or true. A lot of people put in a lot of time and energy checking it out. My reward? He called me a shill. I believe he is Dutch living in Germany, as do some Dutch, based on his writing style, and really doesn’t understand English or German very well. It is possible that he is German and was too lazy to translate the video or that he couldn’t understand THAT accent. He was eventually so hostile and aggressive I had to have him blocked. I recalled that some of the young Dutch people at the Amsterdam airport are like this now. That and his name are why I think he’s Dutch. Some of the younger Dutch don’t understand simple things in English and become very aggressive, but when a translator comes they are like “oh” and are nice. If you ever need anything at the Amsterdam airport you need to ask an older person to be safe. Besides upsetting me and who knows how many other people, he probably still does more good than harm because there is good info on the blog and people can read for themselves. At the time he called me a shill I was working over 80 hours per week on the blog so it didn’t and doesn’t sit well. Clearly he either couldn’t read English or was too lazy to do so. I think that if he doesn’t understand English and doesn’t have the time to understand that he should cut off his comments, but I can’t do anything about it but try to ignore and move on and sometimes warn others.

        Comment by miningawareness | November 19, 2015

  4. Herve needs to realize that Dana and kevin in no way milk people for donations people donate with them because they support their activism. They realize how serious Fukushima is endangering every living thing on this planet and they won’t roll over for any one or any Amount of money. They earn their donations by being truthful. They earn respect that way as well. This is the worse ecological disaster in human history and it was 100 percent avoidable. Period.

    Comment by Sayonara.kitty | September 22, 2016 | Reply

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