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US NRC Launches Special Inspection at Honeywell Uranium Hex Facility in Metropolis Illinois

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Honeywell Metropolis 25 miles evac zone via USW
Honeywell emergency evacuation zone via USW

Is the US NRC actually doing something to protect the public and not just the bank accounts of the nuclear industry? If so, it must really be much worse than they are saying. Uranium hexafluoride is deadly. It is nicknamed “hex” with good reason.
US NRC Launches Special Inspection at Honeywell Metropolis Work

Click to access 15-040.ii.pdf

CASE REPORTS/ The effects of uranium hexafluoride exposures were impressively displayed in a 1944 accident involving 21 workers. One individual died in 15 minutes due to severe steam burns and the effects of uranium hexafluoride and its degradation products, hydrogen fluoride and uranium oxyfluoride. Another worker died 70 minutes after exposure due to progressive respiratory distress. Most of the other 14 persons requiring hospitalization had corrosive irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract but were well enough to be released in 48 hours. Three more seriously exposed individuals were retained for observation for 10-14…

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