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Watching the corporations watching us! – Fukushima and Atomic bombs health cover up and Irish news –

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In part 1 of the show we look at a range of issues including our very own hacking and surveillance update, Monsanto trolls, TTIP issues, Uk mining in the courts, “Rivers of blood” speech from Hungary, London and Cairo military ties increasing, Yemeni forces attack a Saudi military base, CBC and Canada post to be privatised under TPP (wikileaks), cost of occupy protest for 17 days over 3 months comes to a staggering £2,000 000 approx, Norway joins critism of Isreali settlement moves, British oil interests working with ISIS , Eco- prisoner held by Russians refused release ( , Windows 10 versus Linux,

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In the second part of the show we discuss with Herve Courtois (French activist, blogger and researcher) the issues with Fukushima evacuees, The PR companies methods to smooth over the bad news, The connection between health studies done after Hiroshima and Nagasaki and how health studies are being equaly fudged by the nuclear corporations and Health Physicists, How the Japanese government is forcing evacuees back into contaminated areas against their will, How the Japanese blocked the UN petition to evacuate at least the children from more contaminated areas, We discuss also how the nuclear industry world wide is going into overdrive to promote the safety of nuclear energy around the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the timing of the first Japanese nuclear reactor to be brought back online. This is a fascinating interview packed with information that the main stream media can not report on. We discuss Wikileaks and the report concerning the spying on Japan by the NSA in recent years and the connection to the Okinawa protest.

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In Part 3 we discuss the connection with the CAPITA 28 million Euro Eircode con, Privatisation of the post office in Ireland, Uber, PPS, Irish Water and TTIP. We also discuss a range of Irish relevant topics including is innovation only being encouraged in the corporate sector at the expense of the smaller buisnessman? Irish Cancer group report that health care could be seriously impacted by TTIP deal, Shell oil loses 2.6 Billion in profits in the last financial quarter due to multiple actions against their buisness ethics from around the world including in Ireland by Shell to Sea in Mayo and Greenpeace in Northern Ireland and more..

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