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Tepco to start removing the largest debris from Reactor 3 pool / Worker “The most dangerous process”

Tepco-to-start-removing-the-largest-debris-from-Reactor-3-pool july 23 2015

On 7/25/2015, the former Fukushima worker “Happy11311″ posted on Twitter that Tepco is going to start removing the largest debris from SFP 3 (Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 3) on 2nd August. “Joint communications” published the news followed by other mass media but Tepco has made no official announcement on their website.

Joint communications reported that the debris to be removed weighs 20 t, but “Happy11311″ commented on Twitter that it is the 35 t of fuel handling machine. He added this is one of the most risky processes in decommissioning of Fukushima plant as fuel removal from SFP 4 (Spent Fuel Pool of Reactor 4).


The latest challenge at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant is to remove a 20-ton piece of debris from a pool holding over 500 spent fuel rods.

More than four years after the plant was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami, Fukushima Daiichi’s operator Tokyo Electric Power  said it would start work on the critical task this week using a specially designed crane.

“The debris will be pulled out using two cranes, but we had to create a specially designed hook with a unique shape for it to securely hold on to the object,” a Tepco spokesman told Japan Real Time on Monday.

The object is what remains of a fuel handling machine originally located above the surface of the water. The debris is preventing Tepco from removing the spent fuel rods to a safer location. It is the largest object requiring removal inside the power plant’s reactor No. 3, according to the company.

The removal will be conducted at the slowest possible speed to ensure safety. The pool’s water level, as well as any signs of a jump in radiation levels, will be monitored closely with multiple cameras during the procedure. The debris must be lifted so that it won’t swing or cause damage to the spent fuel pool’s gates.

While it is unlikely that any water from the pool will leak even if the object comes into contact with the gate, Tepco said it will be ready to add water in case of a drawdown. Reduced water levels or exposure to air could cause the radioactive fuel rods to heat up.

All other procedures at Fukushima Daiichi will be halted while the debris is being removed, according to the company.


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