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Fukushima Spent Fuel Pools & Nuclear Waste by Robert Alvarez


Published on 23 Jul 2014

Robert Alvarez, former senior adviser to the U.S. Department of Energy, is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of Political Studies, where he works on the subject of nuclear disarmament, the environment and energy policies. He speaks here of the dangers of low secure storage of spent nuclear fuel in many plants, Japan or the United States pools. It is also in America found closest to saturation pools, in 2015, battered fuel having suffered the highest rate of combustion in the world. There is also talk of high activity radioactive waste produced by the defense sector, which nobody really knows what to do in 60 years in terms of stabilization and final disposal. Resources mentioned in the video:…

Effects of a Termination of the Yucca Mountain Repository Program and Lessons Learned

Click to access d11229.pdf

EIS-0250: Final Environmental Impact Statement…

NUREG-1889… and NUREG-1887…

Video made ​​the symposium “The medical and Ecological Consequences of the Fukushima nuclear accident” (medical & environmental consequences of the nuclear accident at Fukushima) organized by the Helen Caldicott Foundation 11 & 12 March 2013 in New York.…

Original Video: … Video better by Cinema Forum Fukushima:…

According to the English transcription of HO & AK ( Robert Ash translation, proofreading Odile Girard
http://fukushima-is-still-news.over-b… July 23, 2014
TEPCO using secondhand tanks to store radioactively contaminated water

, Pierre Fetet and kna60 Editing and subtitle by kna60.

original upload here Piscines à combustible nucléaire usé et déchets radioactifs – R. Alvarez 12 03 13 Pools for spent nuclear fuel and radioactive waste – March 12, 13 R. Alvarez

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