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CSRP Symposium 2013 on Fukushima related health effects and legal responses

What We Do

Since March 2011, we have been committed to minimizing damage and radiation exposure resulting from Tepco’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster in our individual positions. Victims, children and citizens, who are concerned about radioactive contamination, demand the establishment of better radiation protection measures and radioactivity control measures. To satisfy these demands, we need to scientifically examine the health effects of radiation, a major part of which is unknown. The purpose of the Citizen–Scientist International Symposium on Radiation Protection, is to provide citizen scientists from within and outside of Japan with an opportunity of discussing health effects from radiation and prevention measures, thus contributing to the establishment of an extensive international network for radiation protection. We would appreciate your cooperation.


私たちは2011年3月以降、東京電力福島第一原発事故による被害と被ばくの最小化に取り組んできました。放射線防護、放射能対策の確立を求めるた めには、とらえどころのない放射線による健康影響を科学的に究明していかなければなりません。市民と科学者が、専門的知見を社会のなかで最善の形で生かし ていけるよう、国際的にも連帯しながらネットワークを維持発展させていくことは今後ますます重要になってきます。私たちの活動は、東京電力福島原発事故の 対処において様々な取り組みをしている市民・団体・科学者が一同に会して情報シェアとフィードバック・意見交換をし、その可能性を長期にわたって最大限に 探っていくものです。

CSRP Symposium 2013
2013年 市民科学者国際会議

Oct 13th, 10:10 ~ 12:25
Session 1: Biological effect and its mechanism
セッション1 生物影響とそのメカニズム

Oct 13th, 13:40 ~ 15:15
Session 2: Epidemiology and dose evaluation
セッション2 疫学と線量評価

Oct 13th, 15:30 ~ 16:55
Session 3: Law and Rights for Public health
セッション3 健康に関する法と権利

  • ITO_Kazuko_2013

    The Japanese Government Must Act Now, Making a Fundamental Policy Change regarding the Protection of Residents Following the Nuclear Accident, based on the UN “Right to Health” Special Rapporteur (Grover Advisory)

  • FUKUDA_Kenji_2013

    Law on Support for Children and other Victims of Nuclear Accidents

  • ITO_Emiko_2013

    For the Protection of Children from Radiation
    The Power of the People and Support by Local Governments


Oct 14th, 14:00 ~ 18:40
Round-table 円卓会議

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