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Glenn Greenwald (2014) “The Future of Edward Snowden” with Bart Gellman and Laura Poitras – Journalism under threat!

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Published on 8 Apr 2014

“Journalism is coming to a standstill in the USA

A debate on the situation that journalists find themselves in when faced with an all encompassing surveillance state held in March 31, 2014.


Edward Snowden is ready to testify on the US wiretapping of Angela Merkel’s phone if Germany will grant him political asylum — and Merkel may just take him up on the offer.

“My government continues to treat dissent as defection, and seeks to criminalize political speech with felony charges that provide no defense,” Snowden wrote German officials. “Speaking the truth is not a crime.”

Edward Snowden will never be safe if he returns to the US, and temporary asylum in a country notorious for its own civil liberties abuses won’t work in the long run. But if Merkel lets him stay on German soil, Snowden could have a life again — which is the least we can do for the whistleblower who exposed the NSA.

Berlin has a growing reputation for standing up against civil liberties abuses. But if Merkel turns Snowden down, it will look as though she supports the Obama administration’s disregard for privacy and mockery of international law — now let’s make sure she knows that before she makes her decision.

PETITION TO ANGELA MERKEL’S GOVERNMENT: Stand up to the NSA’s encroachment and protect the man whose whistleblowing exposes the US’ betrayal of Germany — grant Edward Snowden asylum in exchange for his testimony now.


Click here to sign — it just takes a second.

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