The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope hits 1 million views with a morning rant about Naughty Nuclear Norway!

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Date 23 March 2014

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Dear viewers

Nuclear-news has reached 1 million hits (1,ooo ooo ) after 7 years of hard work by Christina MacPhearson. So, I thought i should let you all know.

I have been wandering the annals of this site after a long stint at where I was able to discover the hidden world of the nuclear lobby. After being invited to join Christina in September 2012, I was able to put my knowledge to the test and research the nuclear industry and its connected industries (military, financial and political) further.

As well as the general research I came into contact with the pro nuclear blogging world where i began to understand the rifts within the nuclear industry such as problems with the ICRP radiation dose advice that is given to the public.

I also discovered the lengths and powers of the nuclear lobby to control the government and indeed this was commented on by the recently deceased UK MP Tony Benn who helped develop Atoms For Peace in the 1950`s. Tony Benn was nicely quoted as saying that the nuclear industry does not submit to government control but is an entity that is separate from government control and highly secretive. This shows the nuclear industry is not a very democratic friendly industry that has little transparency and shows signs of corruption with lax safety practices.

We give thanks to the many independent researchers and scientists for getting their findings and reports on line. This has meant that our understanding of the consequences of the nuclear meltdowns at Fukushima Daichi have been uncovered in a way that the consequences of Chernobyl were never uncovered .The events concerning the Fukushima nuclear disaster have been documented using many forms of multi media. And a humble and not so humble network of bloggers and news gatherers has been able to pass this information on to others. I believe this process has been very effective and is likely the reason that so much time and money is being spent on countering these truths.

A nice example of how the game is rigged is seen in Norway, where scientific research and findings were hidden or ignored so that the worst effects of the Fukushima nuclear disaster could be hidden. It began when NILU removed its radiation mapping system from public view whilst the connected thorium test nuclear reactor at Halden Norway was implicated with the nuclear military industry. In fact, this was deemed illegal in Norway as funding or supporting nuclear weapons manufacture will get you into court, and it indeed it did gt them into court!

Of course, Norway stepped forward to help the pro nuclear lobby out with another study showing little effect from Chernobyl in Norway with another recent report showing little effect on insects in Fukushima (which was reported in Norway) using only a computer model and ignoring actual field studies an reports with pictures and real data as reported even by the main stream media around the globe in 2012 (but little reported in Norway).

It might be said that a Norwegian Sovereign Fund Group only just recently pulled their investments out of TEPCO at a huge loss (not reported in Norway) followed by other european investors. So Norway had a vested interest to play down the Fukushima disaster with heavy financiers able to manipulate a public owned and paid for service like NILU. In 2012 Norway also helped to promote Japanese Sake. (reported in Norway)

Bellona (A Norwegian environmental organisation) had a team of nuclear environmental specialists in Tokyo right at the beginning of the disaster that were refused access to the Daichi nuclear site by the authorities and it would be 2 years before they could get near to document anything.

I am not going to talk about the Norwegian fish farm scandal (investigated by RT recently) involving poisonous GMO feed and the corruption of science, finance politics and health assessments surrounding this issue but it is a nice example of how corruption finds its way in to the system whilst claiming no health effects. It also shows the need for independent studies and research to balance the claims of the ever profit seeking corporations in Norway.

To summarise, the corrupt practices and outright illegality of the points above are rarely mentioned in the media and it is up to individuals to bring this sort of information into the light of day. At least we need this information for discussion and analysis to counter the more outrageous claims of “no health effects” and “no environmental damage” whilst using corrupt equations and computer models using nominal figures to support these claims instead of using more accurate real epidemiological data measured by trained scientists.

Until corrupt practice, non transparency and criminal behaviour is challenged in this and other industries, we will have to rely ever more on the internet for our information and constructive debate.

Thank you Christina for all your hard work in bringing us all a glimpse into the world of the nuclear industry and promoting transparency and the search for truth. The global scope of nuclear-news has made it easy to see the corruption of the nuclear fuel cycle in its full glory, for example, with the global problems with reactor fuel rod damage and uncovering the malpractices of the mining industries etc etc. And all for free too! The nationalities of the posters and contributers are wide and varied here at nuclear-news as are the viewers.


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  1. Congratulations nuclear-news. Thank you for consistently reporting on the most interesting and important global issues.

    Comment by Guest | March 24, 2014 | Reply

  2. Hey you’re in the big time!
    Congrats and keep tipping it! 🙂
    Thanks for your efforts and contributions.

    Comment by Alan D Nilsen | March 24, 2014 | Reply

  3. Congratulations arclight
    Your site has been a recent discovery for me but it’s quickly becoming a place I check frequently for quality articles regarding nuclear issues. Warm regards. Bo

    Comment by bo | March 25, 2014 | Reply

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