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NRC Defines Risk Terms in a New Glossary

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U.S. NRC Blog

John Nakoski
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research
Division of Risk Analysis

As with many subjects, when you’re talking about Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) terms, it can get confusing when the same terms mean different things. To reduce this confusion, the NRC’s Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research decided to produce a glossary of risk-related terms.

glossaryIn November 2013, we published NUREG-2122, “Glossary of Risk-Related Terms in Support of Risk-Informed Decisionmaking.” This glossary provides a single source for definitions of terms used in risk-informed activities. This document clarifies the terms and provides the proper context for using them. For example, the glossary defines the word “assumption” as “a decision or judgment that is made in the development of a model or analysis.” It then describes how “assumption” is used within the context of a PRA.

We developed the list of terms by first reviewing documents used to support risk-informed activities…

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