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22 February 2014

Nuclear news had been promoting as an encrypted service suitable for activists. However, recent information given to this blogger has thrown doubt on the ability of riseup and other “encrypted” online services to be able to deliver a secure service.

I contacted them via email and have not received a reply after about 2 weeks. The delay in reporting this was because i had to interview my sources at Japanese Against Nuclear UK to confirm the situation and give riseup staff a chance to reply. It might be that riseup never received the email and so i am posting this article to catch their attention and give them a chance to respond.

The scenario

I have been working with many bloggers from Japan and Japanese in the UK to get, what is now, censored information direct from Japanese sources. To try to protect my sources i can not be more specific in some details of internet restrictions, hacking and general harassment but for those that remember tokyobrowntabby (who worked with EXSKF amongst others) had her original youtube channels deleted and videos constantly challenged for copyright even though she was using them for educational purposes only. She retired after such harassment unfortunately but understandably as did the UK based bloggers on YouTube with Japanese contacts.

Other UK bloggers in the early days of Fukushima were also working with Japanese contacts that were able to do the hard work in translating Japanese to English and vise-versa were also targeted and after some months, stopped blogging because of the stresses involved.

3 years later and just after Japans new secrecy law was posited now the Japanese in the UK are being targeted by persons unknown.

I have been targeted myself on multiple occasions by “unknown” assailants but have carried on regardless  (I have been made jobless, homeless and have been attacked using financial strategies) [I have taken out some bits of this article as it doesnt reflect the content of the email correctly. I took the description of the content of the email seriously out of context. Sorry about the delay in correcting the article  -Arclight2011]

An email was sent to the subscription list recently.  JANUK use emails and use the subscribers service offered by as well. However, a member that uses got the initial email but certain words had been deleted, making the email mostly unreadable.

A second attempt at informing the members was blocked and the sender of the email was further harassed via the internet to make sure this point was driven home.

It was very effective at frightening and discouraging all activists concerned (including me)

I will carry on blogging anyway and am adjusting my life style accordingly to cope with this ever changing situation. My autobiography will be interesting i suspect (not planned yet)!

The main points are that JANUK and other UK based activists are constantly being manipulated and divided (ref George Monbiot splitting the anti nuclear movement in the UK that STRATFOR was VERY concerned about,  and the results speak for themselves unfortunately! George helped destroy the movement that STRATFOR  and the UK nuclear lobby were previously so concerned about).

Anyone involved in translation and dissemination of Fukushima information is under severe restrictions or suffers punitive actions.

[Nuclear power in Britain is, in effect, finished: on Saturday, the EU revealed that it had prohibited the government’s latest desperate attempt to keep it afloat with massive subsidies. G Monbiot 2002]

…Despite the strong interparty consensus on the issue, therefore, the United Kingdom remains a country where public opinion – and anti-nuclear energy activists – will have to be “monitored” carefully to gauge which way the country will go following the Fukushima incident….. STRATFOR REPORT

I await a response from on the hacking issue to support the above anecdotal evidence or to clarify that there was no hacking. I will update this article and post a new one to clarify the situation.

response email for riseup staff AND George Monbiot if he wants. (likely not secured 😦 )


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  2. Slight update here..
    rise up are aware of the issue and request that people change their passwords regularly whilst they try to secure the server..
    hopefully they are recording issues and will have evidence for those that were hacked for future legal prosecutions at illegal tapping, hacking and harrasment..

    well done rise up!!
    thank you!

    Comment by arclight2011part2 | March 9, 2014 | Reply

  3. Reblogged this on nuclear-news and commented:

    Reblog for this months theme .. This article from was posted in 2014. It shows how the UK security services target environmentalists on a consistent basis. This is just the tip of the iceberg!!

    Comment by arclight2011part2 | January 8, 2018 | Reply

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