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#Nuclear Japan: Nuclear Regulation Authority Agrees That Ooi Nuclear Power Plant Does Not Have Active Faults

11 February 2014

It’s Nuclear Regulation Authority’s turn to be bullish on nuclear power plants in Japan awaiting NRA’s approval to restart, now that the Tokyo gubernatorial election ended with the result interpreted as great endorsement of Prime Minister Abe’s policies across the board.

NRA accepted the conclusion of the experts that the fractured zones inside the Ooi Nuclear Power Plant compound are not active faults.

All set to restart, then.

From Jiji Tsushin (2/12/2014):


NRA accepted the report that fractured zones at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant are not “active faults”


Fractured zones inside KEPCO’s Ooi Nuclear Power Plant (Ooi-cho, Fukui Prefecture) compound have been suspected to be active faults. However, on February 12, 2014, Nuclear Regulation Authority accepted the report by a group of experts whose conclusion is that “they are not faults that may become active in the future”.

Ooi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture is accessible through a tunnel. In a severe accident after a big earthquake and tsunami, the only way to access the plant is by boat, if the tunnel collapses. Even then, if the plant harbor is destroyed by tsunami, oh well. It is not supposed to happen, and therefore it won’t happen.

The experts investigating on behalf of NRA did two surveys of the site to determine whether the fractured zones were active faults. The first survey was inconclusive, with most experts saying they were active faults. Clearly that changed in the second survey.

In case of a severe accident, the emergency response headquarters at Ooi Nuclear Power Plant will be a small spare room next to the central control room. There was no objection at all from NRA to this arrangement.

Again, the Tokyo gubernatorial election was supposed to be a mere provincial election (which was not, as revealed after the election by the compliant media), and the nuclear issues were supposed to be of little significance (which were total opposite, as revealed after the election by the compliant media).

There’s no stopping the Abe administration now.

(… unless another swarm of jellyfish clogs water intakes…)

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