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Nuclear Hotseat #138: USS Reagan Sailors v. TEPCO Lawsuit Update w/Attny Charles Bonner



INTERVIEW: Attorney Charles Bonner, representing USS Ronald Reagan sailors harmed by Fukushima radiation, with an update on their lawsuit against TEPCO.  Now 79 named plaintiffs with cancers, tumors, blindness, wasting of limbs, internal bleeding and more face off w/power giant for medical expenses on behalf of 75,000 military personnel in Japan during the start of the Fukushima crisis.


NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  A lying professor claims you can eat 32 grams of plutonium… and not get sick!  And TEPCO has solicited Fukushima clean-up suggestions from experts around the world.  200 ideas being vetted… and implementation not expected or possible between 2020.  Just in time for the Olympics? 



  • Eight more children diagnosed with thyroid cancer in Fukushima while medical “experts” claim it has nothing to do w/Fukushima;
  • TEPCO admits their radiation data is “wildly wrong” as new sources of radiation leaks keep showing up;
  • Tokyo gets Abe-baby’s hand-picked pro-nuke misogynist Masuzoe as their new governor because anti-nuke vote got split;
  • Hawaii getting hit hard with ongoing radiation, starts to discover how long it’s been going on (HINT: longer than they’ve known);
  • California kayakers report Fukushima radiation on their boat bottoms;
  • Teen cancer cluster in LA suburb calls in Erin Brockovich, who needs to realize they’re just ten miles from the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, site of a 1959 nuclear meltdown and the largest radiation release in US history;
  • Imminent influx of radioactive Pacific water from Fukushima will leave radwaste residue on west coast beaches;
  • RadCAST radiation “weather report” with Mimi German.
  • …and more!

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  1. Nice to learn of yet another anti-nuclear liar that craves PayPal donations. Wonder if she pays income tax on her ill gotten monies? No professor would claim that anyone can eat grams of plutonium. To start with no one has grams of plutonium and the stuff is too hot to handle. Bonner is a shyster attorney trying to get rich and he has found 79 sailors who likewise want to get rich. It would be nice if it actually goes to trial and all of them are subject to discovery showing that the sailors are not sick due to Fukushima and that many lies and liars like Arnold Gundersen have been cited in the court filings. Gundersen, though, is probably too smart to actually submit anything subject to penalty of perjury. It is far better to lie on talk radio and YouTube where no one holds you to any standards of truth.

    Comment by Roger | February 13, 2014 | Reply

    • It is far better to lie on talk radio and YouTube where no one holds you to any standards of truth.

      ummm !!
      three meltdowns covered up for three months approx….
      oops just noticed that the radiation readings were wrong….
      Why does japan not recognise the heroes of fukushima daichi?? (the brave workers that battled on)….
      thyroid cancer cover up …
      polydactyl??? is it or isnt it?

      all covered or not by the press
      answers found on talk radio and you tube ,, oh and of course

      Comment by arclight2011part2 | February 13, 2014 | Reply

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