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UNSCEARが被曝による健康被害はなかったという報告を出そうとしている! UNSCEAR is going to publish a report that says there is no health hazards after the Fukushima disaster!


September 10th 2013
Dear all, especially the UN personnel and concerned citizens in Japan
Please dissemiante!
ベルギー代表も怒った9月発表のUNSCEAR報告 Even Belgian delegates got mad at the upcoming UNSCEAR report

The UNSCEAR Report downplays the Effects of radiation after the Fukushima accident, which infuriated even the Belgian government delegate. (French)

If nothing done, all the health hazards observed since the onset of the Fukushima accident and the recent news of 44 thyroid cancers and suspected cases would be totally ignored.

Only Japanese can respond to this!

You say you cannot write English?

Nonsense!  You can use google translation!
グーグル翻訳でいいからメールを、以下のUNSCEAR担当者に!Please write a mail to UNSCEAR person below,

We need to tell the UN many Japanese are watching!!!
Contact address: Ms. Jaya…

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