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Evidence of a cataract epidemic in Miyagi Prefecture after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

仙台市の病院で白内障手術が急増 ’09年395件,’10年399件,’11年514件,’12年784件 
Operation of cataract increased in Sendai hospitals:

395 in 2009,

399 in 2010,

514 in 2011,

784 in 2012.

The data from the official website of the Japan Labour Health and Welfare Organization.

Tohoku hospital in Aoba-ku, Sendaishi-city, Miyagi prefecture

Screenshot from 2013-12-21 12:26:25

Above graph from here

Evidence of soil contamination in Miyagi Prefecture Contamination by Cesium 137 and Cesium 134 from 60 Km to approximately 150 Km north of the Fukushima Daichi disater site..

Radioactive contamination in soil in Izunuma area in Kkurihara-city, Miyagi prefecture

Cs137:2100 Bq/Kg(検出下限minimum limit of detection 40.7)

Cs134:870 Bq/Kg(検出下限minimum limit of detection 10.4)

Total CesiumCs合計:2970 Bq/Kg(検出下限minimum limit of detection 51.1)

Screenshot from 2013-12-18 01:06:20




Meet Grigorij Nikolaevich Sorikov
Pensioner, Bartolomeevka village, Belarus

The day after the accident there was an old aeroplane, an E2 I think, flying very low, about 300 metres above ground, to and fro, to and fro. It shot at the clouds and then it rained here. I myself saw how it did it. The plane flew to and fro like a rifleman – to and fro, to and fro. First there was a cloud and then it disappeared. The clouds fell down to earth as rain. The sky cleared.”

Grigorij rolls a cigarette from a piece of torn newspaper and his homemade tobacco, leans back on the wooden bench and looks out over his radioactive garden. He has a glass eye, so he can only see the garden with one eye, which has a cataract. He is a happy man, a born optimist, and despite the lack of electricity in the village he loves living in a beautiful place with green trees. It is peaceful, it costs nothing to live here and there is water in the well nearby.

Many people living permanently in the radioactive areas have this type of eye problem. Shortly after the Chernobyl accident the doctors in the provincial town Gomel had to stop all eye operations in order to avoid bleeding. Grigorij knows nothing about this. He feels healthy and well and sees nothing strange in the fact that he has had problems with his eyes when he was in his fifties. ”I was examined by the doctor and there’s nothing wrong. They came in an ambulance and examined me. They took samples of the vegetables. I haven’t heard from them since, so everything must be OK, ” says Grigorij and invites us inside for a glass of vodka……….

More here

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