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Fukushima – Children should not play here for more than one hour because of radiation

A park in Fukushima : Do not bring children here the age of elementary school or less.

Akemi , a mother of Fukushima voluntarily evacuated to Kyoto, more than 500 km.

She took the following photos during a visit to his parents’ house in March 2013.

The fallout from the accident are called ” radiation environment” as if they were natural .

There are differences between the official level of radiation in the air after decontamination and levels detected by personal dosimeter .


Users of the park:

– Do not stay more than an hour a day in the park

– Wash your hands, face and gargle after your visit

– Do not wear earth, sand your mouth

– For further information : contact the division of parks and green spaces Fukushima ( tel: 525-3765 )


That the radioactivity of the environment on April 22 is greater than the regulatory limit , observe the following guidelines when you are in the park :

( the regulatory limit of 2.8 mSv / h )

Vue sur le chanter.  Le compteur Radex indique 0,52 µSv/h
– Do not bring children here of elementary school age or younger

– limit the stay to one hour per day for children ” junior highschool ” or older .

– Do not use the sandbox

– Wash your hands, face and gargle after you left the park

(Division of parks and green spaces Koriyama – tel 924-1227 )

This is the park where the sign is placed . Akemi said similar signs are installed in three neighboring parks his parents’ house .

The sandbox is covered with a blue tarp weighted .

Akemi tells us that it was a green park. She had sent his son to Kyoto first , but while she was visiting him in Kyoto for a week in August 2012, the green park area has been transformed into platform game .

Was it a part of the decontamination work ?

Every day a child through the park on the way to school .

In each park displayed on the official level radiation after decontamination.

The measure in this park was made March 11, 2013 : the level in the air was posted 0.186 Sv / h .

However, the Radex Akemi displays 0.49 Sv / h , more than 2.5 times the official level.

TV station showing the levels of radiation from the Fukushima Prefecture, accompanied by light music as if it were an issue of weather .

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