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Visa Blow For Chernobyl victims visiting the UK – UK only country in Europe to charge the victims!

Image source ; (from local newspaper in 2009)

The Totnes Times

Wednesday November the 13 2013


(NOTE ; some slight changes to original article for clarity – Story available only in the UK local newspaper, there is no reference to this story on the INTERNET? This would make it more difficult to raise the funds as even the locals could easily have missed the article.. It is worth noting that the article from the Exeter Press and Echo posted its story on-line BEFORE the Fukushima disaster. NOW WEB CENSORED?? . Arclight2011)

A South Hams District charity has suffered “ a great blow” now that it has to raise an extra £1000 (Approx 2000 dollars)in order to fund a visit of Chernobyl children next summer.

For the past 16 years, children from the Ukraine and Belarus (worst hit by Chernobyl fall out causing food contamination issues and increased radiological dose) have been able to visit the UK unr a “Visa Waiver” scheme, but as from th 1st April this year the UK government has ceased to issue free visas for such groups – The only EU (European) country to do so. The cost of the new visa will be £78.00 each.

Sue Wyeth, chairman of the Totnes and South hams link to Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline, said; “This is a great blow to a small link such as ours. It already cost around £7000.00 to bring a group of ten children and their leader over to South Hams for a months respite care. We are now having to rasie a further £1000, which is no easy matter in such difficult times”.


A cup of tea and a cake would help to provide a badly needed new wheelchair for a Chernobyl child who is a regular visitor to south Devon.

Anya Nebyshynets (pictured above on the Exeter Press link), now 17, who was a victim of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, is fostered in Ashington for four months of the year by Joan Edwards and her family. Last year Joan took Anya, who suffers from cerebral Palsy, to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol to see if anything could be one to help her walk.

But the doctors said an operation wasnt possible, so next on the list is a new wheelchair as Anya has outgrown her old one.

Asked how much they needed to raise, Joan said; “Its open ended. You are never quite sure how much it is going to be.”.

She plans to visit the Exeter Disability Centre with Anya, when the 17year old arrives from Belarus at the beginning of December 2013

The Fund raising event was held in Ashington Village hall on Saturday November the 16 2013.

For more information and offers of support please contact Joan or Annie on either 0044 782 460 1163 or 0044 180 373 2451

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