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Fukushima cover up special – Science Media Centre UK DOES the BBC, in fact, DOES the whole country!!

Screenshot from 2013-09-26 13:41:54FIONA FOX`S BOAT RACE

( Means FACE for non english speaking non cockney rhyming slang types)

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26 September 2013

The title says it all
But heres some of my research into these blighters .. its cluttered and unsorted but it will give you an idea of just how big a con this organisation is.. A registered charity working for the corporate PR machine.. Stunning!  more to come in the next few days..
i have put a few things in the comments section of this article as well… there is a big problem with ME groups who resent what the SMC has done to their cause as well.. you can google that stuff or wait for me to get to that section of SMC science suppression campaign..

Science media: Centre of attention USA

Fiona Fox and her Science Media Centre are determined to improve Britain’s press. Now the model is spreading around the world.

Ewen Callaway

10 July 2013

“..Regardless, the SMC model is now spreading around the world, with the latest franchise slated to open in the United States around 2016. The centres are all run independently, but they abide by a unified charter crafted by Fox.

This means that Fox is about to take her message to a much wider audience. “I think there are problems with her reach,” says Connie St Louis, director of the science-journalism course at City University London and one of Fox’s loudest critics. “She’s becoming one of the most powerful people in science.”…”

“…That is a message that Fox has honed well since establishing the SMC in London in 2002. The centre’s aim is to get scientific voices into media coverage and policy debates …”

“… “Our philosophy is we’ll get the media to DO science better when scientists DO the media better,” says Fox. …”

Nature also funded the SMC UK :0


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